How to report someone or a fake profile on Tinder What happens to my report?

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In this way, we will show you how to report someone or a fake profile on Tinder. You will also learn what you need to consider in identifying these types of profiles and what happens with your complaint in this popular dating application.

How to identify a fake profile on Tinder?

You may have come across a profile on Tinder's dating app many times and wonder: is it a fake profile? . This problem has led some users to decide to permanently delete their Tinder account many times.

But don't worry, you don't have to go this extreme because the application is aware of these situations and allows you to report fake profiles inside. Therefore, you just have to take into consideration some aspects to consider in order to identify a fake profile in Tinder.

So one of the best ways is, after pairing, to check how often you reply to profile posts. Well, a bot is configured to reply to any message automatically and in a set period of time. You must only pay attention to these kinds of details.

Likewise, when the profiles they don't show much information or there are only a couple of pictures in their profile, they are a couple of signs you should be careful with. Well, while sometimes it's not a fake profile, most of the time sadly it is.

How can we report someone or a fake profile on Tinder?

Although this topic is not frequent, the truth is that there are people who create fake profiles on Tinder. So the application takes this into account and gives you the opportunity to report these types of profiles.

Therefore, in case you have detected that a profile you have found within the application is fake, you have every right to report it in this dating app. Well, it is important that you take immediate action to notify the application of this situation.

This way you can report profiles you've matched with on Tinder, as well as those who haven't. So, to proceed with reporting someone, you just need to enter that account's profile and select the option of three horizontal points which are shown in the upper right corner of the profile.

When you do, this option will in turn display an option menu where you have to select "Report". Next, you just have to select the "Accept" option to make the fake profile report on Tinder official.

What about the report I made about a fake profile on Tinder?

Complaints on social networks and dating applications are part of the service they offer. Well, although many strive to adequately protect the privacy, security and integrity of their users. Many times it is some of these, with inadequate motivations, a create fake profiles and fraudulent accounts.

Therefore, once you have reported the fake profile of this popular dating application, it is responsible for finding that profile and blocking the associated account. Well, this application takes security very seriously of those who decide to access Tinder.

That way, Tinder isn't content with just block the profile account false in the application. Rather, it checks the other brands it is associated with to see if the fraudulent user has accounts on other platforms. So if they find them, they pant too.

So when you've identified a fake profile and reported it on Tinder, you can rest easy. Well, this dating app has review and authentication tools, both manual and automated, through which it eliminates the accounts of these fraudulent profiles.

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