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What is DIDI and how does it work? , is one of the largest transport companies in the world, which is why it constantly wants to improve its services. The only way to know where it should improve is for you, as a user, to report any inconvenience you have had with one of its drivers. If you haven't installed this application yet, you can download DiDi from the Play Store.

Without further ado, below you'll know everything you need to make one report to a driver in DIDI.

Common reasons a driver is reported on DiDi

As you already know, DIDI's main goal is for its users to travel comfortably and safely at a low price. For this, of course, they try to have drivers who are truly trained in customer service and who have experience in making quality trips.

However, sometimes this is not usually met, so users have found it necessary to make reports so that we can improve the service. For DIDI this is extremely important, because in this way it will be able to guarantee its customers truly quality services.

There are many reasons why you as a customer can report a driver in DIDI, however here we will mention the most common ones.

  • The DIDI driver overcharged you, despite the fact that when you request the trip, you receive an amount even with a discount. This has happened many times and most people report that when they get to their destination the amount is much more than what they mark in the beginning.
  • You were charged double for the same trip and now you don't know what to do.
  • You applied for a DIDI and even if they confirmed you it never arrived.
  • Another reason for the report is that many drivers leave at the end of the trip and don't charge for it. If you do not realize it before you get off, the amount of the trip continues to increase, because for the purposes of the platform the trip is not finished.
  • The driver does not respect the traffic lights.
  • In some cases, the driver charges in cash, but also with a credit card.
  • In Mexico, many incidents of indecent acts and attempted kidnapping by drivers have been reported.

How to report to a driver

Now, knowing many of the reasons why users have made a report, it's time to tell you how you can do it. Something important that we need to clear up for te is that you can report any inconvenience, the ones we talked about above, are just the most frequent complaints from users.

Now, having clarified the point, in the following way you can report your problems in DIDI:

  • DIDI has a line called DIDI support, there you can contact them on 01800-988.8888, no matter what country you are in. This way, you can report any inconvenience you have had with a driver.

In doing so, they will be happy to solve the problem. In case you are in Mexico, you can go to their offices located in Colonia Juárez.

  • The application DIDI has a safety buttonby pressing it your emergency contacts will know the route of your journey. Likewise, it will also communicate with you with the emergency health services or the DIDI security hotline.

Remember what was said at the beginning of the post, it is very important that you make these reports, in this way DIDI can improve the quality of its services. Don't forget that this company works with your well-being in mind, so always try to improve your comfort and safety.

As you may have noticed, reporting a driver in DIDI is easier than you thought. So, if you need the information you just read, don't forget to keep reading the articles on this blog.

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