How to replace the ear cups of the AirPods Pro? Very easy

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Aside from replacing the pads when they become faulty, another way to care for and keep your Airpods in top condition is to perform proper cleaning.

Zero noise

The name Apple has been intrinsically linked to adjectives such as avant-garde and innovation. It has always been like this, both in its products and in the most common computers: desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets.

This is not the case, even with regard to the accessories and complementary equipment that make the life of its millions of users more enjoyable and fun.

One area that could not be left unattended by the diligent wizards of Apple technology is that of sound. And the AirPods wireless headphones were pulled out of the hat, which immediately caused a stir with their advanced concept. Here we will show you how to replace the pads of the AirPods Pro,

With the AirPods Pro, the tech giant does a step forward respect to previous versions of headphones. The AirPods (second generation) that already feel from the technological prehistory compared to the Pro version.

Since wireless headphones have become a trend, many users are wondering what the differences are between Airpods and Galaxy Buds + and which are the best.

This new version of hearing aids represents the biggest advance in the line of these gadgets. In addition to preserving design concepts such as its striking and replicated bright white color, the AirPods Pro version introduces an innovative element such as active noise cancellation.

Another advantage of Airpods devices is that they also give you the ability to connect them to other devices such as Apple Watch or Nintendo Switch.

As part of its market positioning strategy, Apple offers you, with AirPods Pro, to enjoy a " immersive sound »Thanks to the new function Active Noise Cancellation; whereby s entirás music and nothing else, as the company promises.

How to replace the AirPods Pro ear cushions

Another novelty offered by the AirPods Pro wireless headphones is that they come with a set of three bearings earphones in interchangeable silicone. These allow, on the one hand, to customize the hearing aids, as each has a different size that fits the type of ear. On the other hand, you can replace the pad if it is damaged or lost.

Now what's a safe and easy way to replace the bearings AirPods Pro earphones? It's a simple procedure: you just have to lift the protective cap and place your fingers on the base of the headset and pull the pad with relative force and that's it.

To reassemble the pad, the procedure is just as simple: proceed to align the pad to the headphone jack. Put your fingers on the base of the pad and press the pad into the connector until it fits snugly.

Personalize your AirPods Pro

With AirPods Pro Apple promises you a different experience to enjoy the sound: you will immerse yourself in sound, redefining, as the apple giant points out, the concept of comfort.

In this way, the AirPods Pro are accompanied by a 3 size bearing kit: small, medium and large, which comfortably fit your ear canal and allow you to customize it to your liking.

AirPods Pro originally featured the medium pad. To find out the size of each of the pads, stretch the edge of the pad and look on the back or inside near its base for the printed S, M, or L letters.

With AirPods Pro, Apple promises its consumers to maximize the level of listening sensations with the Active Noise Cancellation function. They invite you to immerse yourself in the sound.

It is an experience that very few fans of the multinational tecnologica they dare to refuse. Today we show you the easiest way to replace the pads on the AirPods Pro, so that the fun is total.

To improve your experience with using Airpods it is important to know how to increase the battery life of your hearing aids.

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