How to replace my Kindle with my iPad without losing my book collection

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Advantages of the iPad as a replacement for the Kindle

IPad is an excellent digital book reader and with it you can read Kindle books. In fact, the latest iPad models come with an anti-glare screen and a night shift feature that removes blue light from the iPad's color spectrum at night.

However, what makes the iPad an excellent digital book reader is that it has the ability to support i books Kindle, Barne, Noble Nook, as well as all third-party digital books and even the iPad iBooks themselves.

Replace my Kindle with iPad without losing books

On your iPad, you need to download the free Kindle player from the Store application, where you can also download other apps to get more out of your new iPad. This application is compatible with Kindle and Audio Companion books, but not with audible books.

Additionally, you can read Kindle Unlimited subscription books and use Amazon Clouds Reader in case you don't want to download the app.

Once downloaded the Kindle application on your iPad, you need to open a section in your Amazon account. This allows the Kindle app to download any books you've purchased from Amazon. By linking the Kindle app to your account, you can now start reading any book in your collection.

This application has five tabs, you can access them via the buttons located at the bottom of the screen. Below we will explain the functions of each of them:

Book library

This is your entire collection of Kindle books. The books you have downloaded will appear with a sign di check in the lower right corner. In case you want to read a book or give it to someone else, you will need to download it, but once you download it you can read it online or offline.


This option allows you to accedere a Goodreads, this is a social network for book lovers. Goodreads is a great place to share your book collection with your friends or other readers, and it's also a great place to discover new books.

His current book

As the name suggests, it is the book you are reading. This will appear in the center of the tab buttons. Clicking on the tab will take you to the page of your last reading.

To find out

Amazon will use your reading habits to match them with other similar books. Although you can't buy books directly from the Kindle app, but you can add them to your wish list, and therefore it will be easier to locate them when you go directly to


In this tab you can change the configuration or if you want to log in to a different account. With the Other tab you can make the changes referred to you need.

How to buy Kindle books on iPad?

If in doubt, we tell you that from the Kindle application you can read your books or browse them, but you cannot buy them. This is due to Apple's restrictions, which limit what you can sell through an app.

As you noticed, there is no problem replacing your kindle with your ipad, you can even purchase Kindle books from the iPad using Safari by going to Once you've purchased the book, you can open your Kindle, download it, and it will instantly appear in the list.

If you don't see it in the list, there is a sync button at the bottom right of the Kindle library to update your purchases. Another thing you can do, and a very useful option, is to convert a PDF document to Kindle, which will save you a lot of trouble.

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