How to remove or remove iCloud activation lock? – Step by step guide

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If you want to know more about iCloud, what it is, how it works and what its advantages and disadvantages are, we invite you to read this article about it. What makes ¡Cloud better than others? Apparently it all lies in its high level of security, which Apple has ensured, is secure and has no cracks. Thanks to that, it is possible protect files as pictures, notes, among others. Protect them and always be available.

Sometimes, for various reasons, a block in ¡Cloud, which makes it impossible to activate it. What is that lock, why was it created and how to remove it? In this article you will find the answers to these questions.

What is a Cloud Activation Lock and why is it created?

Activation Lock is a security measure created by Apple to combat theft and the resale of your devices. This feature is built in by default whose main goal is to prevent a person who does not know your phone ID from entering or activating it.

This helps protect the data on your phone and cannot be accessed without the required code. Therefore, it is practically impossible to activate the Cloud without this ID.

Although many times the device crashes when it is reported as stolen or lost, other times it does not happen for this reason. You may simply not know how to remove the activation lock, or if you buy it second-hand, it may also happen that the former owner did not know how to deactivate it.

Now, how to disable this block? Read on and you'll see how. You can also learn more about your device and ¡Cloud, by logging in from here.

How to remove or remove the ¡Cloud blocker?

As mentioned above, ¡Cloud Activation Lock is was created to protect your device and our files in case your phone is lost or stolen. Therefore, if we delete the contents of our device without logging out of ¡Cloud, it is possible that it is still protected by the activation lock function.

However, it could also happen that we bought the device from someone else. What to do in both cases? If you have deleted the content from the your device, here we explain it.

In case you have deleted all your information or put your device in "Restore and Restore" mode without disconnecting from the Cloud, you may still have the hope of recovering your data as it can remain in «Activation lock».

To fix it, follow these two simple steps.

Step 1

Log into your device configuration and enter the same ID and password with which you configured your device previously.

Step 2

If the problem is that you have forgotten the password or your ID, it is also possible to fix it. If you have an OS 11 or later device and have two-factor authentication enabled, you can use the device passcode to disable 'Activation Lock'.

For this you just have to press "Unlock with code" and then «Use device code». And voila, enter your code and you will be able to see your deleted files again.

If you bought the device from someone else, in this case, before buying it, you must make sure that the contents of the device have been completely deleted and therefore no longer linked at all to the previous owner. This is necessary so that there are no problems with activation. If it still asks for the details of the previous owner, do the following.

Step 1

Go to ¡ and log in with your Apple ID and go to "Find my ¡Phone".

Step 2

Click on all devices at the top of the screen and select the device you want to remove.

3 pass

Press «Delete» and «Next». Then «Remove from account». Reboot and that's it.

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