How To Remove Likes By Accident On Facebook - Easy Guide

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How to undo the reactions I have made to any post or image?

The simplest method of deleting a reaction from a post is click the like or reaction and it will be deleted instantly. But in case you react and forget about the post to continue browsing this social network, it may be difficult for you to find that reaction that you want to eliminate so much.

However, this is not a mission impossible, but to prevent this from happening it will be better avoid updating the page at all costs which will upload a large amount of new content, which will cause you to lose sight of the post where you want to undo your reaction.

How to remove a reaction from a post with a lot of interaction?

Next we will explain you step by step as you can eliminate the reaction or the Mi likes of a post. The most viable option is to first locate the post you reacted to. This can be seen if you are looking for your Facebook activity history and what you should do to do it is the following:

  • First you need to go to the Facebook page and enter the user you have from reacted or given the like you want to delete.
  • Then, at the top, click on your profile photo to view the options tab and select the option » settings and privacy «.
  •  Then you will have to press the Activity Log option and filter it by »Mi likes and reactions ". Depending on the time period you've filtered it for, Facebook will show you the posts you've reacted to or liked. At that moment, you just have to click on the reaction box to delete the reaction or edit it for another one.

Like unlike a page you don't like anymore

If you are no longer interested in the content of a page, you can remove your like by following the steps below:

  • First log into Facebook from the account you liked and want to remove. Once you are logged into your account, you must click on your photo to visit your Facebook profile.
  • Click where it says " information And then find the section that says "I like it", click on it and you will see all the pages you liked.
  • You have to locate the page you no longer like and once you find it, press the button that says " Do you like ". Then the option will appear " I do not like it anymore «, Which you must select.

From my account, can I remove someone else's likes?

On Facebook it is impossible to delete someone else's likes because there is no option for that purpose. However, you can apply another alternative that would not make the like of a particular person visible.

One of these is delete the post or hide it, but if you want to keep the post you can choose to block the person who liked or reacted to your post.

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