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If you are very suspicious of your security and privacy on Twitter, you should know that the double blue check now it can be removed in conversations. And is that the privacy in this social network from mobile it must be fundamental.

What is the blue double check on Twitter?

Do you remember the WhatsApp double check?, because on Twitter it's the same. It is simply a acknowledgment of receipt, in other words, if your tweet has the Double Check Blu it means it has been read. This, as in Whatsapp, leads to a multitude of misunderstandings, because we cannot always reply to messages, WhatsApp or tweets, when the sender requests it.

The truth is that there aren't many options for privacy in this social network, but at least we will fix the double blue check. 

How to remove blue double check on twitter 2022

Remove the double blue check on Twitter it's very simple, we just have to follow the following tutorial.

How to access privacy settings on Twitter

The first thing we will have to do for remove the double blue check è configure privacy on Twitter, for this we will give our profile, as in the photo:

Once we give it, a menu will appear, which will give us the option to change your privacy on Twitter. To continue with the tutorial we give the configuration, as in the picture:

Is there privacy on Twitter?

Yes there is, once inside the configuration we can go to privacy settings on Twitter. As pictured:

Once inside the privacy options on Twitter, we'll just have to uncheck the box which says «Send/receive confirmation of readings».

You learned to remove the double blue check on Twitter? I hope this tutorial for changing your privacy on Twitter helped you. Yes, you like it, you can leave me a comment below, I reply to all! Me it would also help a lot if you share this content on social media buttons, it helps me keep uploading content like this.

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