How to Recover Unsaved Word File in Few Steps

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Many important documents and files are found on the web thanks to its platform and way of working. In general, it is a secure platform that has an automatic saving that guarantees the protection of our documents in case of error.

Even if things do not always go the right way, it is possible that in the most unfortunate moment of all, there is a failure within the system or even that due to a power outage, our work come abruptly stopped.

This in turn can cause an error within the program, which can damage the fillet and therefore lose everything. However, you know how to get yours back papers? If the answer is no, don't worry, today we will teach you step by step how to recover your files.

Subtract your documents with the autorestore

Your computer may freeze or shut down without you even making the latest changes and you can then save them. If this is the situation, all that remains is to be calm, as the Word system usually has a system of backup automatic, which is activated chronologically. Therefore, you can undo any information leaks simply restarting Word.

This feature is usually enabled by default and tends to automatically save any changes made to the document. This autosave runs at home 10 minutes and automatically goes to a file ASD.

To see this file, you just have to reopen your card Word as you normally would, so that a screen automatically pops up warning you that the file that was interrupted has been saved and you have the option to recover it.

If the option doesn't appear automatically, you'll just need to go to the tab "Word Options" and then to the card «Save» within the menu. There you will find this file.

How to recover Word files that have already been saved

Whenever you automatically launch your Word page, you will be able to view any type of file you may need, this means that you will be able to view these documents simply by accessing the panel "Document Recovery". If the documents you need are not showing, you just need to follow the steps below to search manually:

  • Enter the menu and then enter the tab that says "File"
  • Once inside the tab, you need to select the option that says "Information".
  • Once there you will see a sale called "Versions", that's where you should focus in order to select the document you are looking for. It is usually titled or marked "closed without saving".
  • When you are inside the document, you need to press the button "Recover" which you will find in the yellow bar tab.

Once this is done, your document will open and you can continue working on it. With these steps you can recover any document that has been interrupted on your computer without warning.

Also remember that all documents written in Word have a rescue automatic, which you can configure in the "Word Options". Finally, you should know that you can also easily repair a file with Word virus, as this is also a way to avoid losing important information.

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