How to recover my Twitter account if I forget my email

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Hmm… Are you one of those who forgets or gets confused with some login data in an online service? So welcome to the club! Well, the truth is that this type of inconvenience usually happens a lot to people who have a Twitter account and they are not few, those who suffer a temporary forgetfulness and do not know their email associated with their Twitter account or have another type of inconvenience which ultimately prevents them from accessing this social network. Well, for this type of problem we have prepared a guide, called: how to recover my twitter account if i forget my email, which consists of two excellent alternatives or quick solutions to succeed and avoid the procedure of recovering a Twitter profile.

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How to recover my Twitter account if I forget my email | Step 1

First, they need to access the official Twitter cover or home like they always do. That is, by using a search engine for it or with the URL of this social network if they are on a desktop computer, or by installing the App on their mobile and/or by pressing its icon to open it. Well… So far, nothing new.

How to recover my Twitter account if I forget my email | Step 2

Once on the front page, they must proceed to access Twitter but not being able to use the mail therefore, they will do it with one of the following two solutions which will be explained below and which for some strange reason or, by force of The custom to always use e-mail to access an online service is not used, but there are and fortunately they will allow you to access Twitter without e-mail and therefore be able to recover your account.

Finally, it must be said that these two solutions will allow you to find out exactly which email you had associated with your Twitter account, Besides allow you to change it if you wish or deem it convenient and, of course, these are things that we will explain after detailing the two solutions to access Twitter without email, let's get to the point!

How to recover my Twitter account if I forget my email | Solution no. 1

The first great little solution for this "virtual mess" basically consists in using the mobile phone number to, in this way, access the Twitter account you have and to do so you must enter the number correctly and completely (without prefixes). phone associated and verified precisely to your Twitter account, in the box where you enter the email that you forgot and then, you will enter the password of your Twitter account in the respective box to finally click on the button that says «Log in» with it, they will be able to enter or recover a Twitter account without the email.

Note no. 1 | This solution will only work for those people who have entered a mobile phone number in their Twitter account and verified it accordingly.

How recover my Twitter account if I forget my email | Solution no. 2

Definitely, a major part of Twitter users have not entered any phone number in their Twitter accounts and so the above solution doesn't help them at all… But hey, there is another great solution for all those people with this inconvenience or the who want and which by the way does not imply knowing the email of the Twitter account or not, having a phone number entered and verified in this social network of the little bird and which we are now going to explain.

In this other solution, you must enter your Twitter username correctly in the box where the email was entered, and after that, you will enter your password in the corresponding box to finally click on the « buttonLog in» and With this they could open Twitter without email, it's that easy.

Note no. 2 | By the way, the user is the name that appears after the «@» and which can be seen in their Twitter profiles or in each Tweet of this. In the case of Practice Resources, our Twitter user is @Recursos_p. Now, if you don't remember or know exactly your Twitter username, you can start a Google search using similar terms to find it, or you can ask a friend of your Twitter contacts to see it and provide it to you.

How to know my twitter account email

Once you've been able to access your Twitter account without the email and with one of the solutions described above, it's time to know which email is associated with your Twitter account so that you can remember it and then, in the future, log into twitter with mail.

Well, to know the email, they must click on the «Profile and configuration» located at the top right (if they are, on a desktop computer) and with it, a menu will appear and they must click, on the Option «Settings and privacy«.

With the previous click the page of your «Account» and you will be able to see in the second entry the email that is associated with your twitter account and with it you will be able to reveal this email that they forgot and from now on they will have the possibility to access twitter with that email in the future (yes , do not forget).

How to change my twitter account email

If for some reason they no longer have that email that appears or want to associate another one with their Twitter accounts, then just remove the one that appears and then enter the email they want correctly and completely.

Then, they'll click the blue button that says » Save Changes » and they will find it, at the bottom or under this page and with this they will be able to change the email associated with Twitter and from now on it will serve them that new email they have added to access Twitter, that's all.

Finally, these are two alternatives that can be used when the about topic is displayed how to recover my twitter account if i forget my email. As you will see, with these options already described it is possible to access Twitter without email and more, they will be able to find out what the associated email was and if they want to, change it and without having to resort or proceed with account recovery.

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