How to recover my Tik Tok account?

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This social network, like any other, is focused on achieving adequate development. And thus get users to interact in a fun way with each other.

After merging with, creating video with background music is one method went viral in Worldwide.

The general public who adheres to any social network in to which this type of recordings are published, will demonstrate its acceptance.

Security level of Tik Tok accounts

This does not refer to putting or making your Tik Tok account private, but to the level of security of the platform when it comes to wanting to recover an account.

From the first moment in which people decide to register in this social network, the first requirement is to " create a password »Of maximum security to avoid possible hacks.

That's why when I recover my Tik Tok account I require the same degree of difficulty for ensure protection of the content and use of each user.

In turn, while using the application, it usually requires constant updating of data. This is to maintain communication with support in the event of future failures.

From the first moment we enter in the application and we register, we accept the terms of use. These will allow for the protection of the community and the company in charge of Tik Tok.

Why could my account be suspended?

Like any other social network, the content of Tik Tok is constantly monitored, adapting to  possible complaints from the community.

Since we started using its functions, each user is subject to a parameter that must be satisfied to avoid blocking.

Among the large number of parameters established in the registration terms and conditions, we can highlight the following:

  • On the platform it is forbidden to use the application for any " commercial act ". In the event that any sale, lease or rental is promoted by the medium, it must be previously communicated and authorized by Tik Tok.
  • The ability to understand is a requirement, so any child under 13 who succeeds in registering will be suspended from the platform.
  • The use of Tik Tok to carry out any type of act of violence, persecution, intimidation or discrimination against other users is not allowed.
  • The compromise of the correct functioning of the application or the acquisition of any type of source code from the platform will result in immediate suspension.
  • In turn, the use of the recordings for " create unauthorized advertising ". Distribute some "malware", create "pornographic content", "incite crime", among others.

How can I get my Tik Tok account back in case of suspension?

The only way to know if the application has suspended your account is when you receive a message indicating the phrase " Access suspended for this account «.

So it is necessary that, even if it sounds and is really a bit boring, carefully read the terms and conditions set by the application at the time of registration.

This way, you can make sure that if you haven't committed any infraction, you can choose to send an email to the address

In this message you must explain the problem presented to you, detailing the following information:

  • Your username.
  • Next, remember that while using the application you have not violated any type of parameter established by the platform.
  • Add to this any information that is relevant and characterizing your case, in a way that facilitates the resolution of the antispam team.

After an analysis, your computer will lift the hibernation and you can use the application again as normal.

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