How to recover my Facebook account if I don't receive the verification code

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Currently Facebook is one of the main social networks used worldwide, managing to count at least more than half of the planet's population associated with this page.

Whether it's for the purpose of interacting with friends, meeting people, playing in theirs game room, or follow those artists you are most passionate about, this page has become the daily life of many people around the world.

Unfortunately, due to the fame of its use, many users have become victims of account theft or where their private information is altered in order to prevent access.

Likewise, it also happens that many times this group of people tend to forget their login data, therefore recovering your account is a much needed option.

Can you recover the Facebook account you forgot?

Fortunately yes, because like other pages, accounts are usually essential factors for monetizing and evaluating the interaction within the site.

Therefore, ensure that each of the users keep their account and data active it is necessary for the famous creator of this site.

Account recovery methods

There are several situations that can be related to the common reason why a person needs to recover their Facebook account. Similarly, this is attributed to the different alternatives or problems that can arise during the process.

That it is necessary recover password, the email or the number with which the account was registered, each user has the full help of the platform to re-enter their dashboard.

Therefore, just follow the steps indicated on the page, and then calmly retrieve each of the data needed to re-enter the system.

One of these popular Facebook options is to recontact those media that each person uses, such as email, although other users prefer to use a phone number to sign up and log into Facebook.

This is done in order to verify that the request is made by the account holder, in order to conveniently solve each of its problems and avoid the entry of third parties.

What to do if you don't receive verification codes from Facebook?

It was previously mentioned that the means used to recover the data were none other than the user's phone number and email.

However, it can happen that a due to adverse circumstances this code is not received on time, whose problem is suffered daily by many users of the community, so Facebook had to get to work to solve it.

It is possible that the number you affiliated with at the beginning of your Facebook registration is not the same number you are currently using, so you need to choose another option to recover the account.

There is an option in the setup menu change the "Mobile" settings to notify the loss of the phone and close the session previously started in it, as well as eliminate the usefulness of this number.

This way, your only option will become that of use your affiliate email to your account, whose message can go directly to the "Inbox" or to the "Spam" folder.

Within this e-mail you will be given the steps to follow to change the password used previously, so that you can regain access to your Facebook account and continue to enjoy its platform.

Note that this option can also be applied in reverse, i.e. not being able to receive the code by post and deciding to use a new number or an affiliate to enter the system.

To avoid future invasions of privacy, you can choose to create a new account and export your friends previously added or privatizing your information to third parties that are not directly related to your account.

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