How to recover deleted files and information on your iPhone

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I iPhone phone they are great tools with an intuitive and functional system, in addition to this, with the passage of time mobile companies have become more and more powerful. However, they are not without potential defects and damage.

If you have problems with the way your mobile stays on the apple logo or if you can't access your information, you will see all this in Miracomosehace. Without further ado, read the following information to know how to retrieve the information from your Apple cellphone.

Next we will show you a method to recover information from your iPhone, but you can also try to recover deleted files with dr.fone on iPhone iOS, one of the most popular applications for this purpose. To continue with this guide to recover all your data, please read the following information.

Reasons and circumstances in which it is useful to know how to recover information

There are many reasons to know i methods of data recovery it can be very convenient. Some of the most important reasons why it might be useful to know how to recover data are as follows:

Your phone won't boot

Although it is not common, that yours iPhone does not start at some point is a real possibility, the best thing to do before this problem is to be prepared. If you need access to relevant information and your mobile does not want to start, you may find yourself in a big problem.

Through a recovery tool it is possible access all that information that you need to get. While it's not always possible to enter information about a device that won't boot, trying doesn't hurt.

In any case, if the boot is completely damaged, that is, if your Phone does not boot and remains on the Apple logo, please note that you need to consider other methods.

The screen is not working

Unfortunately, it is very common that at some point in our life we ​​lose a valuable asset, such as our cell phones. Although touch phones have improved their durability, it is still possible that they do experience an accident.

In case the cell phone falls and it screen stops, it may be useful to access the stored information through the use of recovery software. That said, you can read the rest of this article to find out more.

How to recover deleted files and information on your iPhone

There are many methods to retrieve information from our iPhone devices, some come directly from Apple, such as backup copies stored in iCloud.

If you want to recover deleted SMS messages from your Android phone or iPhone instead, please note that the method is slightly different.

Other measures instead come from this software which is designed to recover deleted information, iPhone Data Recovery.

  • To use this powerful tool, the first thing to do is download it to your computer. You can download both Windows and MAC, for that follow the following link iPhone Data Recovery.
  • Once you have downloaded the appropriate version, proceed with installing the program.
  • This time you can use the free version of the software, in which case you have to click on Free trial. Otherwise you can fill in the registration data.
  • Now it comes to connect your iPhone to computer.
  • Select all file types that you want to recover with the application. When done, click Analysis and wait until the process is finished.
  • Once the analysis is finished, the program will show you all the information that can be returned. Select everything that interests you and click on Recover.

After the previous process you will have recovered all files that had previously been eliminated. In turn, the program allows you to recover documents stored in iCloud and many other functions, but it is worth trying to recover deleted files from iCloud from PC.

As you will see, the data recovery process is very simple, just download iPhone Data Recovery and let the application go through the whole procedure. This way you will get back those files that you thought were lost.

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