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A situation that can generate some tingling and panic is the not being able to access or enter our Facebook profile for some strange circumstance or, for having forgotten essential data to be able to enter, which generates a certain degree of uncertainty and concern.

Fortunately, for these kinds of cases, Facebook has a very handy and invaluable resource that allows you to recover your personal Facebook account in most cases, and it is this resource that I will explain to all users of this social network who have this problem.
However, before explaining as a tutorial how to use this resource to recover a Facebook account, it is necessary to clarify some doubts, however basic they may be, in relation to logging into Facebook and therefore use this resource when it is really necessary.

Login to Facebook

Now, in this section we will clarify some essential doubts about logging into Facebook.

  • To access Facebook you must have an account. If you don't have it, you can't enter. If you want to have a Facebook profile, this tutorial can be of great help so that you can create an account on Facebook, you can look into it carefully.
  • To enter Facebook you need to know 2 things: the registration email and password. When you created your Facebook account in the form they asked you for an email and also to create a password or password for your Facebook account, these 2 pieces of information are what you need to log into Facebook.
  • You have to enter your email or mobile and password in the respective boxes. On the first page of Facebook you can see 2 empty boxes on the top right with titles that say: mail or telephone (enter your email or telephone) and in the other it says: Password (you must enter your Facebook registration key or password) and finally, click the button that says Enter.

  • Enter your e-mail or mobile phone and password correctly. In fact, there are quite a few users who write or enter the wrong e-mail or mobile and password or enter another e-mail, another mobile and another password that have nothing to do with the own Facebook account. You need to distinguish uppercase from lowercase, numbers and signs and then, from this, click on the Enter button.

This type of information in relation to access on Facebook has been explored in this article on how to log into facebook, where those interested can clarify further doubts on this subject.

Recover Facebook account

If you've done all of the above regarding logging into Facebook and you're still having problems, fear not, there is the resource to recover the Facebook account and therefore not lose it.

We go through this account recovery process below as a step-by-step tutorial from the beginning.

Recover Facebook account | Ride 1

As a first step, access the home page of the social network Facebook as usual, you can use the google search engine or write the url in the address bar.

On the Facebook page (if you are doing it from a computer) you will be able to distinguish precisely in the upper right part, under the password box, a very useful question for this inconvenience which says: Did you forget your password? click the mouse button on this very text and it will take you to a new page.

Note attached | surely, if they do this Facebook account recovery procedure from a mobile it will be something different given the format and design of Facebook for this type of system.

Recover Facebook Account | step 2

In the new page that has been opened, you will be able to see in the central part the mechanism to recover the account with a title that says: Recover your account followed by this text email, phone, username or full name and finally a box.

In that box you must enter only one of the requested information correctly and which can be your registration email, your phone number that you entered, or your Facebook username or full name. I hope you remember one of these data and then click on the button that says search.

Note enclosed and very valuable | If you weren't able to enter any of the above data correctly, there is an additional resource and that is, click where it says: I can't identify my account which will take you to a number of resources that Facebook has for this type of case, please read and follow it carefully.

Recover Facebook Account | Step 3

By previously entering one of the data and clicking on » search » a page will open where your Facebook profile should be displayed with your username and respective photo.

Note | In case, if you have previously written your username or full name, all the user profiles that contain the data you entered will appear and you will have to identify yours among them.

At this stage of the process you will be given a few options for resetting your password, in my case these were:
1.- Use my Hotmail account: Log in to Hotmail (if you haven't already) to quickly reset your password.

2.- Send me a link to reset my password.

In your case you must select the option that best suits you, then click on read more and follow the procedure indicated. Surely they will then have to open their mail, review the message that came from Facebook and click on a link that will take them to create a new password to access your Facebook account. They need to create a secure password that is difficult to guess and, by the way, that they can remember.

Attached note 1 | Sometimes, when you choose password recovery by sending a message to email, it may take a few minutes for that message to appear in your inbox or it may end up in your spam folder, you need to check this folder or repeat the procedure.

Attached note 2 | This procedure for re-accessing your personal Facebook account allows you to change your password to a new one created by you and, with this, to re-enter Facebook in the future. That is, it is a procedure in which the password is changed.

Finally, I hope it has been useful and practical for those people who have had this kind of difficulty that somehow annoys and complicates life on the Internet.

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