How to record a video call with sound in Hangouts

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Starting or starting a conversation with Hangouts is very simple; You can chat with 10 users at the same time, these voice calls are free. Direct calls to mobile or landlines in Canada and the USA and other countries around the world have a cost.

Google Hangouts ci will allow you to have new quality conversations with family or friends via video calls, as well as share conversations and record videos. Hangouts offers the opportunity in two ways to record calls. How to perform these steps? Here we explain everything.

Record a video call with audio on Hangouts Meet

Make a video call with Hangouts, you can do it with several participants just like you see on the screen. Recording can be in MP3, MP4, AAC, MOV files.

You need to access the Hangouts video recording settings, this will record the voices and documents that are exposed. If not, you are the sponsor of the video call, you must use a external video call recorder.

To record during the video call, click on More and then on record videoconference. Then the registration will start and all users will see that the  video call is being recorded. To stop recording, click More again, select Stop Recording. The recording will be saved on Google Drive in the video conference recordings folder.

Record conversations in Hangouts

You can use 2 external ways of Google Hangouts to record video calls or voice calls, these are:

1. Registra in Hangouts con Screen Recorder; This is a program that records Google Hangouts conversations on your PC screen, so you can save recordings of voice and video calls via Hangouts on your PC.

What you record will be of excellent quality, both image and sound. You will need to download and install Aiseesoft PC screen recorder.

2. Record with Hangout Live; With this external method you can stream videos through a YouTube channel or Google+ page and then edit the videos. To do this, go to Google Hangouts Live and click Create Hangout Live.

After a dialogue box appears, enter your name, in the settings adjust the audience and decide who you want to see the video. Then add other people that you add to Hangouts. However, the video in wave will be a mandatory public video.

3. Record video calls with FonePaw

This call recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Select the recorder and click on Video Recorder. Then choose what you want to record for it, click Advanced Recorder and lock and record window and select the Hangouts window. Therefore, during the  video call will not be recorded they  that others use applications.

Enable system sounds, activate the camera in Hangouts and the microphone, in so that the voice and call voices are recorded. Click Rec at the start of the video call, so the recorder will record the entire call.

Tips for recording a video call with audio in Hangouts

  • To adjust during the call, click on Settings and on Recordings, select Allow so that the recording area moves at the time of recording.
  •  Check that the camera or microphone is working properly.
  • Make the call in a quiet place so that other sounds don't interrupt the call.
  • Kill any applications you are not using on your computer so that the call flows better.

Bottom line, can you record a video call with Hangouts? Obviously you can use external recorders without any inconvenience and you can use Hangouts Meet too when you are the sponsor of the video call. With these simple steps you will record a video call to watch later or to show it to others.

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