How to QUOTE a WhatsApp message VERY EASY!

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Recently, the instant messaging application most used (Whatsapp), in its latest update, has incorporated a new function that allows you to mention or cite messages sent from this messaging client. While this feature may seem silly, it is very useful since avoid misunderstandings, because if someone says: «I didn't say that», quoting or quoting his message, we will remember it. So let's move on to “how to quote a whatsapp message”.

How to quote a WhatsApp message

When send a message via WhatsApp, the whole conversation is recorded in the history, to quote any content of that history, we will just have to scroll the WhatsApp message that we want to mention, touch it and the application will automatically highlight the message within the conversation, in this way the context in which a mention was requested can be clarified.

It should be clarified that with this function we can only mention it once, if we want to add another appointment we will have to repeat the operation.

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You can also use the option to copy the whatsapp message, but it is not as complete as the "quota" function. The best thing to cite the source of the WhatsApp message is that this function provides us with information about the name, date and time of each message. We'll just have to click on the quote so that it refers to the original source of the message.

How to quote a WhatsApp message, very easily

If what you are looking for is the way to quote a WhatsApp message, it's tremendously simple, just locate the WhatsApp message  you want to mention.

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Press for a couple of seconds on the message you want to quote and a menu will appear at the top application, as shown in the photo:

Now once you select the WhatsApp message what do you want to mention? click icon of «left arrow»,  as shown in the picture:

This way we will send the selected appointment and expose our friend to clear up the misunderstandings.

If we click on «appointment», it will give us information about the original source, as well as «who was the author of said message» and the time of the same.

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The "date" function can be used both in large groups and in couple conversations, you can also quote your messages. The best part is that it can be applied to all types of WhatsApp messageswhether they are text, images or audio.

Well, we already have another new addition to the other recent ones, such as text formatting or saving WhatsApp messages in favorites, using the "star" icon.

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