How to quickly turn my Facebook profile into a Fan Page

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How can I quickly turn my Facebook profile into a Fan Page?

If what you want is to share content of your preference in a way quick and easy, what you should do is create a Fan Page on Facebook. This allows you to have more tools to have a much more attractive page and also allows you to achieve a wider audience through the topic of your choice.

However, before making this decision, we suggest that you inform yourself in depth about what a Facebook Fan Page is and what it is for, so that later you will not regret having decided to turn your profile into a page of this type.

What should I keep in mind when I turn my Facebook profile into a Fan Page?

Some things to remember when creating a Fan Page on Facebook are:

  • When you create your new Fan Page, your profile data (profile and cover photo, profile name) will be carried over to that page.
  • You will be given the option to choose which elements of your profile you want to send to your new page, such as photos, videos, etc. But you have to do it in the 14 days that Facebook offers you.
  • Once the page is created, Facebook will notify your friends, followers and requests that your profile has become a Fan Page.
  • If the profile you want to convert is verified, the badge you own will be lost; you have to make a request for a new one for your Fan Page.
  • Before finally creating the page, Facebook will allow you to preview your new Fan Page in so that you are completely sure you want to make that decision.

Don't forget that this is a very important step and that it is impossible to reverse. The only way to reverse it would be to delete your Facebook Fan Page, so you need to be completely sure you really want to turn your profile into a Fan Page.

It is also possible to configure your Facebook page once created to keep it up to date and adapt it to the reforms you want to do right now. For example, you can change the name of your Facebook Fan Page if you wish, or change the category according to your needs.

What should I do to turn my Facebook profile into a Fan Page?

The steps to convert your Facebook profile into a page are really simple. All you need to do to achieve this is:

  • Enter your profile on the official Facebook page.
  • Go to the page because the whole process starts here.
  • Click the button that says "Start".

It's ready! You just have to wait for a message to appear warning you that you can now enjoy your new Fan Page to start customizing it as you wish.

How can I customize my Facebook Fan Page?

This process is also very easy to perform. This will allow you to make your new page to your liking e more attractive for the public. What you need to do is enter the "Publishing tools" section which is offered on the Facebook page itself.

Once there, it's up to you to choose what you want to add to your new page. You can change the cover or profile photos, the content displayed on your Fan Page, which photos you want to migrate from your profile to your newly created page, and you can even merge 2 Facebook Fan Pages into one very easily.

Here there is no limit to your imagination, in your new Fan Page you can do what you want to make it really how you want it. That's it, if you want to have a quality Facebook Fan Page, there is no doubt that you will reach it by following these simple steps. You will not regret it!

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