How to put stickers on WhatsApp: steps, tips and more

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Instant messaging applications are very popular nowadays, because in our technological age this is how we usually communicate with our family, friends, colleagues and other people. This time we will show you how to put stickers on whatsapp.

Now, if you want to immediately add the use of Stickers to the instant messaging service to share them with all your contacts, that's why you shouldn't miss this guide to activate the new WhatsApp Stickers and thus enjoy all the advantages offered by this update.

Popularity of stickers on WhatsApp

The famous WhatsApp Messenger application, which has occupied the first place among the most downloaded applications since its inception, led the ranking this year, exceeding 1.500 million downloads. Part of the reason this app is so popular is that you can add emoticons (or smoji) to conversations to give them life, meaning, and a whole lot more humor.

However, this application has recently added another option to continue integrating chats, and that is none other than stickers. The new WhatsApp Stickers update, available for both Android and iOS, can be used in version 2.18.329 for Android and 2.18.100 for iOS.

WhatsApp Stickers Do you know what they really are?

If Stickers and their functions in the application are still a mystery to you, here we will explain how to put Stickers on WhatsApp, what they are and much more. They are nothing but animated stickers that can be used in WhatsApp and that complement your conversations and give them more sparkle and fun.

Once this new feature is installed, you will be able to find it easily, just follow these steps:

1- First you have to open the chat you want to start

2- Then click on the emoticon or emoji option located on the left side of the field to write a message.

3- After displaying the window, 3 icons will appear at the bottom:

    • emoji
    • gif
    • And now the stickers

4- By clicking here, you will have access to all the sticker packs that the application has made available to users.

With this update, it tries to catch up with other instant messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram, which have been able to use stickers almost since they appeared, as well as making communication more dynamic and fun.

Likewise, there will be no limitations regarding the stickers available in an App. As the creators of WhatsApp have suggested in a statement to add a number of interfaces that will allow them to create plugins so that designers and programmers can create their own stickers.

According to the developers:

These have included a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow developers to develop sticker apps like any other app through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

This is part of the information reported in the note and they also point out that with this option they want any inventive and creative user to be able to create their own stickers to customize the chat rooms to their liking.

How to put stickers on whatsapp

If you want to know how to put stickers on WhatsApp, keep in mind that the process of downloading and activating stickers is very simple and with these short steps, which we will explain below, you will be able to enjoy this new update on your smartphone.

Stickers for Android

1- First of all, you should know that if you have a mobile phone with an Android system, you should make sure that the latest version of WhatsApp is installed on it.

2- If not, you must access the Play Store application on your mobile, enter the word WhatsApp in the search box and click on the first option.

3- Then when you enter, you must click on the option that says Update.

4- At the end of the procedure, you must wait for the update to download and, once completed, you must have access to your Stickers.

5- Well, to make sure this is the case, enter the chat room of your choice, click on the smiley icon or emeji and an image of Stickers will appear next to the GIF icon at the bottom.

6- If the option still doesn't appear right now, it's best to backup your conversations and repeat the installation process.

Stickers for iOS

Well, if, on the other hand, you have a mobile phone with the iOS operating system, you must have version 2.18.100 of WhatsApp Messenger.

If the App hasn't been updated yet, it will be a little more difficult to do so because the iOS processing is more complex and has some limitations. Here because it is best to wait for the messaging service to update and do not resort to external functions if you do not want to endanger your mobile phone.

In this case it is better to activate the updates automatically so that they can be done as soon as possible, here we will explain everything in a simple way:

1- First you need to go up Settings on your iPhone.

2- Then you have to click on the option iTunes Store and App Store.

3- Once these steps are completed, go to the section Automatic downloads

4- Finally, when you're done, you just have to activate the option Updates, so that whenever something new appears in your applications, they are automatically updated.

If you already have the latest version of this application installed on your mobile phone, you must repeat the procedure to select the chat you want to start, go to the emoji icon and select the option Stickers down.

How can I become a WhatsApp beta tester to get the latest news sooner?

Since you know how to put stickers on WhatsApp, you might also want to know. If you want new updates to reach you before the rest of the users, the option to become a beta tester is what you were looking for. This method allows you to first use any new option you have in your instant messaging application and join, it just takes a few simple steps:

1- First register option, you must go directly to the WhatsApp application and perform an update to get the beta version available and be able to test the new features before other users.

3- It should be noted that a function has now been added where users who have tested the beta versions can leave their opinion or comment directly to the developers so that their comments are taken into account when creating the corresponding reviews.

4- It is also important to note that when a link is entered, it will appear that the number of beta-tester users is complete, but we recommend that you keep trying until you have access to this option.

Well, if you want to stop being a beta tester, there are two options for that:

    1. You can first go back to the link above and click on the option Exit the program.
    2. Similarly, you can go to the Play Store and, in the My Apps tab, go directly to WhatsApp, scroll down until you see a small box labeled Already a tester and click Logout o Exit the program.

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