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WhatsApp statuses are an excellent copy of Instagram stories or Twitter fleets, although it is clear that Instagram are the most customizable, but in WhatsApp we can also share many things, such as music. Today we will show you how to share music in whatsapp status.

We have already told you how we can share your Spotify music on Instagram Stories, but now it's up to WhatsApp as it is possible to share Spotify music even in the statuses of the most used messaging application in the world, let's see how.

WhatsApp claims with music

We have mentioned that WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world, not to mention that it is the most used. Whatsapp States it was a feature that was added a long time ago, even though it was very little used to begin with. Today it is an essential function and today we will tell you how can we insert Spotify music in WhatsApp statuses.

  1. The first step we will have to do is open Spotify and look for the song we want to share.
  2. Now we will click on three points that we find at the top right.
  3. We will select the "Share" option.

  1. We will click "WhatsApp".

  1. Now instead of selecting a contact we will have to click on "My status".

  1. Then click on the «submit icon» indicated by an arrow in a green circle.

  1. The window to create a state will open and we will be able to modify it to our liking.
  2. Finally we will have to press the button «Send» and in this way we will have created a WhatsApp Status with music so that our contacts can listen to the song.

This is the easiest way to share music in WhatsApp Statuses through Spotify, we can also do it with YouTube videos or many other contents to add and that our contacts can see.

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