How to put music and lyrics in Instagram Stories the easy way

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Did you know you can put music and lyrics on Instagram Stories?, This way you can give your Stories much more personality and believe me… it's very simple! In today's tutorial you will learn how to insert songs with their lyrics in your stories quickly and easily.

How to Add Music and Texts on Instagram Stories 2022

insert song lyrics in Instagram stories, the first thing we have to do is create a new Stories. Once inside, we will have the possibility to take a video from our gallery or, failing that, to create a new one.

Once we have finished creating our video, various configuration tools will appear at the top of the screen. Of all, to be able to add songs with lyrics in Stories we have to insert the stickers icon.

On the next screen we will see many elements to be able to customize our Story, among all we choose the one it says "Music".

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How to put a song with lyrics on Instagram 2022?

We will now have a large list with a multitude of songs that we can put in our Instagram story. In fact, we will have 2 tabs, one saying «For You» in based on your possible musical tastes and another call «Explore» in which we can search for our favorite song.

How to turn on music on Instagram Stories 2022

If we have done all the previous steps correctly, we can listen to our favorite song and we can even see the text in real time. Once we have everything ready, for Publish our Stories with music and song lyrics we just have to press «Ready».

Se you don't receive song lyrics on Instagram Stories or have any other problem you can always leave me a comment and i will try to answer you as soon as possible. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks, which would allow me to continue developing more tutorials like this… Thanks!

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