How to put a profile picture on facebook without cropping it

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One of the problems or inconveniences that often occurs when you want to add a profile photo on Facebook is precisely that the photo you upload or that you want to put does not correspond or does not correspond to the parameters or dimensions required for a profile photo. therefore -necessarily-, it must be edited or cropped to be able to add it, even if with this the quality and grace that that particular photo had is lost.

Fortunately for this problem on Facebook there is a solution or rather, a trick that allows you to add the photo you want to the Facebook profile in its entirety or without having to crop it, thus preserving the quality and grace of the photo and from So, it is this trick that I want to introduce below so that you can put profile photos on Facebook without having to crop it in any way.

Put a profile picture without cropping | Step 1

Logically, the first thing they should do is log into your Facebook account they have and then access their profile page.

Put a profile picture without cropping | Step 2

Now in your profile page you will have to remove this part correctly «https://www» dell’URL.

And if not, add the letter » m » and finally click on » Submit » to load the new page, which would be the mobile version.

Note no. 1 | By the way, for the uninitiated, the URL is at the top of the browser they use, in the address bar.

Put a profile picture without cropping | Step 3

In the new Facebook page that has been opened, they will have to click right on the profile picture they have.

With this, a new page will open in which, among other things, the profile photo will be shown in a medium size and below, the option or button necessary to carry out this procedure and that is «Change profile photo» (you click right there).

Put a profile picture without cropping | Step 4

With the previous step a Facebook page will load and you will need to click on the » button Browse ... «.

The classic window will open » Upload file » and then, here, the photo that you want to upload in its entirety to the Facebook profile will be searched and after having identified it, select it with a click and then, one on the item «apri» on the Window » File Upload page so that the photo can be uploaded.

Finally, click on the button that says » Charge «.

Here you are! They will already have a new profile picture on Facebook without having to crop it.

Now, they should go back to the original Facebook page format and to do that, just remove » https://m »

And add, failing that, the » www »And click on» Submit » so that the page loads and the Facebook page is restored, that's all.

Change profile picture crop | video

Technical Information: This video shows the procedure already explained step by step, to add a photo to your Facebook profile without having to crop or modify it.

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