How to properly protect myself on open Wi-Fi networks

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An open WiFi network is useful when there are no other alternatives to access the internet. However, this type of connection carries risks that jeopardize the security of your private data and your mobile device. If you are interested in knowing how to properly protect myself in open WiFi networks, in this article we will explain an effective way to get it.

What is an open WiFi network?

An open WiFi network is one wireless connection not password protected. Therefore, users click on it and access this network immediately but it is not safe because the data is not encrypted.

When an open network is available, the WiFi icon can be displayed without a lock. Browsing is not always guaranteed as there may be a WiFi network with a captive portal and, in this case, the user would only access a website that requires a login. For this reason you need to be very careful and know how to connect and disconnect from a WiFi network.

What are the risks I run when connecting to an open WiFi network?

If a user fails to take adequate security measures when accessing an open WiFi network, i cybercriminals could access their personal data. Furthermore, the information stored by the mobile device will be at risk because there is no data encryption or other security.

Furthermore, when accessing an open WiFi network, the mobile device can be exposed to malicious software and access plagiarized websites where cybercriminals steal login data and all information exchanged while connected. For this reason, it is necessary to take precautions during the "> How to adequately protect yourself on open WiFi networks

"> The most comfortable thing is that do not access open WiFi networks as they are not secure. However, if you need to surf the internet and have no other alternatives, we recommend that you follow these steps to adequately protect yourself while connecting.

"> Use a VPN

Since accessing https is not a total guarantee of security, you can strengthen your protection with a VPN. When connecting to a VPN server on Android, the connection first goes through that server before receiving a response from the network. Therefore, the connection between your PC and the VPN will be encrypted and will be more secure for you.

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