How to Print Multiple Power Point Slides on One Sheet

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Therefore, it is useful to print multiple slides on one sheet. In this post you will learn how to print multiple Power Point slides on one sheet? It is so simple that you will be surprised.

How to print multiple Power Point slides on a single sheet?

  1. Once inside the Power Point document.
  2. Go to the top left corner of the screen and click on the tab "File".
  3. A side menu will open on the left side of the screen, locate the option "Press" and click there.
  4. A window called "Print" will open, look for the section that says "Settings".
  5. Now you need to locate the option "Full page devices" and click the drop-down arrow.
  6. A menu called "Documents" will appear, this menu contains several alternatives for printing documents. For example, you can print two slides on one sheet and the maximum number of slides per sheet is 9, horizontally or vertically.
  7. Choose the option that best suits your presentation and tastes.
  8. In the "Settings" section, there is an option called "Color", click that drop-down arrow to choose whether you want to print in color, grayscale or black and white.
  9. Push the button "Press".
  10. A box will then appear in which you need to select the printer name, adjust the paper position and the number of copies you want to print.
  11. To complete the process, click the button "Accept".

It is very easy to print multiple slides on a single sheet; This process saves material (paper, ink) and time. You may also need to convert your PowerPoint slides to PDF to achieve this. Always remember to turn on the printer early and make sure it has the amount of paper and ink you need.

Advantages of using Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Power Point is a powerful one visual tool that fascinates in education and business. It is even possible to use Microsoft Office online, including the famous tool we talk about in this article. This program allows you to create colorful and dynamic presentations, with sounds and movements that grab the attention of any audience.

  • You make presentations in an organized way and this is achieved because each slide is sorted in sequence.
  • You can create links via hyperlinks.
  • Slides can be projected on large screens.
  • With Power Point you have the possibility to insert videos; visual element which is very useful for explaining a point to the public.
  • These slides can be printed; even multiple slides can be printed on the same sheet.
  • Microsoft Power Point is an easy to use program that it does not need the Internet.
  • It is a very practical tool in the educational and business environment; as it allows you to capture the attention of the public with captivating videos. The slides are captivating because you can insert images, sounds, 3D effects and videos.
  • Power Point is an effective visual tool; Your presentation will not be just words, it will reach the minds and hearts of your audience.
  • Simplify the presentation of a topic, through videos, images, graphs and tables.
  • Power Point allows you to integrate different file formats into a presentation.
  • Help each user not to overdo his words; Since then, the program tells you how many words you have on each slide so that you only write the most outstanding of your presentation.
  • You can export the Power Point document in different formats; even in a video.
  • It is a modern instrument, because it is full of very up-to-date functions that attract the youngest audience.
  • It is truly versatile. Just by thinking that we can insert PowerPoint slides from another presentation, can we imagine the wide variety of options it offers.

Power Point office automation application is very popular for presentations by projects and exhibitions, and is also an effective visual tool when explaining something to the public. Learn to use this fantastic program to create unique and original presentations.

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