How to print an image or file in Corel Photo-Paint in simple steps

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Conventional programs (like Word or Excel) are no longer the ones that have the most access to printing tools. As new typography and photo content development programs come out that allow you to edit photos like a pro, giving you more tools to quality printing on creations.

Software Corel

One of the organizations that adhered to ideal programs for creating content of almost any type was Corel. This company, founded in 1985, is renowned for its vector drawing programs such as CorelDRAW and the image editor Corel Photo-Paint.

Corel Photo-Paint

In this opportunity, you will learn more about what this company is and what it offers through its Corel PhotoPaint product. It is an image editor included in the CorelDRAW Graphic Suites package.

Features of Corel Photo-Paint

The tools of this program they stand out for their speed and versatility, something in which it outperformed some of its competitors. The interface offered by this tool is customizable, the its performances are highly appreciated.

Some of the things this tool has are:

  • Character treatment.
  • Color equalization.
  • Apply trimming, splitting and deleting of objects in images.
  • Filters.
  • Management of plugins (also from other companies).
  • Textured brushes.
  • Cloning functions.
  • Image retouching.

Printing files with Corel Photo-Paint

Through Corel PhotoPaint you can also print files that you have created and designed. If you want to know more about the printing options and tools this program makes available, keep reading this article.

  • The print paths for a file are the same as for most programs. Go to the card Fillet located at the top of the screen and click on the Print option or press the Ctrl + P keys.

The dialog box

Once you enter the dialog with the print options, you will be able to see a series of tabs that will allow you to configure and adjust print options.

  • On the General tab, specify the printer to use and the orientation of the printout (portrait or landscape).
  • Within the printing preferences and advanced printer options, you can change the paper size, number of copies and print quality.

The design of your print

Depending on the printer you own, you can use the tools and options on the rest of the tabs for obtain a very high quality result.

  • In the tab Color you can specify the type of printing: color, grayscale or black and white.
  • In Design you can configure the options corresponding to the position and size of the sheet, printing your drawing as it is in the document or adapting it to the page or printing in mosaic.
  • Exploring the card Pre-press, you will find options for paper / film settings, the ability to print registration marks, the use of calibration bars. You can also print based on page count and counts with a bitmap subsampling section.

Error notification

Likewise, Corel PhotoPaint adds another tab to the dialog box for show any errors that the file you want to print might present. So that you can continue to make the relevant settings in order to be able to print successfully.

Print Preview

Once the problems are corrected, the card will remain, but with the message "No problem". At the bottom left of the dialog box you will find a button with the option of preview.

This way, as you progress through the print settings, you can anticipate the final result. In this box you will also have a set of tools for:

  • Resize the image.
  • Duplicate the image to print.
  • Tool Zoom.

Print file

Finally, all that remains is to close the preview configuration window, returning to the dialog box for configure printing. At this last point, all you have to do is hit the Accept button and wait for your printer to do the rest of the work. As an extra tip, you can add a watermark to your original print design to mark it as your own.

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