How to preview my Instagram profile or stories before posting

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The huge rebound that this social network is having in recent months is incredible, new features have been added that have refreshed the platform. Is that undoubtedly Instagram has entered the struggle to attract new followers and sideline others who already have time as favorites. In the next post we will indicate the steps to view in preview my profile or instagram stories before posting them.

It is that the numbers speak for themselves and the millions of users certify it, the great change that this social network has made has allowed it to be treated with another social network like Facebook. But unfortunately this growing boom to have an account on Instagram has led many users not knowing what to do, as they are not aware of the use of certain functions.

Our mission is to make this instruction reach you easily and that you can apply it without any problem. In a previous article we could show you how easy it is to send or send voice messages on Instagram. But this time we will tell you how to preview my profile or instagram stories before posting.

How to preview my Instagram profile or stories before posting them

It is known that public figures from sports, music or cinema have their accounts on this platform, where you can find their photos. This obviously generates millions of visits to these accounts. But we are not these personalities who have at their side a work group that helps them in their publications.

For this we need a way to see what our publication will look like before it is no longer ours, but the world. So P review my Instagram profile or stories before posting them it would be a perfect option. It is for this reason that using our personal computer, we will perform this simple trick.

It is not even an application, we will use a web page, which can help us with our mission for free. This handy tool is called Instagram Profile Previewer. And with it we can have a real-time view of our profile before publishing it, and then we will tell you the steps you need to take to use it.

Steps to preview my Instagram profile or stories before posting them

This website is undoubtedly amazing, as it will allow us to see different designs in our profile before finally uploading it. We can also view posts as stories that we want to share with our friends. And all this before anyone can see it, so we can choose what will be perfect to publish.

So when you enter the page you have to enter certain data, these are your username, photo, account description. You also have to add the bibliography we have and if we have a web page insert the link. The platform will ask us for all the information it needs to be able to generate a Preview of my profile or Instagram stories.

After entering our data, we will insert the photographs that we are going to publish and these will appear on our profile. Remember that all these entered data will form one virtual presentation of our Instagram account. For this reason, it is important to add as much information about our account as possible, so that it appears identical.

As we add the photos we can see them and if we don't like them we can delete them, until we get the design we like best. Once we have the expected result, we can copy it and then paste it into the real Instagram platform. And it's so easy that you learned to preview my profile or Instagram stories before posting them.

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