How to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked

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The security the Internet is an essential aspect, it should be something that all users who surf the net know, from the smallest to the older ones, because we are all vulnerable when we surf. Security up Instagram it is of great importance and we must avoid that our account is hacked at all costs, then we'll see how.

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, in it we upload a large amount of content every day, through publications we upload photos of our work or ours, but content is also uploaded to Stories from our personal life that we can put ourselves in danger from a hacker.

Next, we will see how can we prevent our instagram account from being hacked and increase the security that we can have inside it, because as we said before, it is a very important point that we must take into account.

There are several ways hackers can access our Instagram accounts, some are very obvious, but there are methods to hack Instagram accounts that require high computer skills.


Passwords they are the weakest point of an Instagram account, although sometimes they can be very safe. We say passwords are the weakest link because it is a common denominator that almost all users use simple, easy to remember passwords, but this is a big mistake.

The first measure we must take to increase security on Instagram and prevent our account from being hacked will be to use really secure passwords. On our site, we'll tell you how to create secure passwords according to the FBI and you'll see that it's easier than you think.

Third-party apps to hack Instagram accounts

On the Internet we can find a large number of applications and methods that promise to see, for example, who has seen our profile, or see who has blocked us on Instagram, so Always be wary of features that don't exist in the native application.

They are very amazing applications, but all they always hide behind of itself malware that will make our Instagram account hacked, since everyone will always ask us to log in with our Instagram credentials.

phishing attacks

Il phishing in the biggest resource of hackers and scammers to try to hack Instagram accounts by deception by creating interfaces or applications very similar to the real one and makes users fall in love with all to obtain the data of the social network.

There is a large group of users who make unique programs for this purpose, which allow any user, even if you don't have computer skills, to access these tools to steal data from your friends or family through a payment. Let's see how we can protect ourselves and prevent our account from being hacked.

Google Authenticator, the best two-step authentication app

Two-step authentication or A2F is one of the best forms of protection we have today, there are many applications and websites that allow us to activate this authentication method.

Google Authenticator is one of the best applications that we have for this purpose, with this application we can add the service that has the possibility of activating the available A2F as we have already explained to you on other occasions on the Epic Games Store or on Twitch.

To activate Instagram's two-step authentication you will need to follow a series of steps:

  1. The first thing will be install Google Authenticator in case it is not installed on your mobile.
  2. Now you need to open Instagram and go to the app settings.
  3. click on "Settings".

  1. Next we will look for the option "Safety".

  1. In this new window we can activate and improve all possible security for Instagram, we will look for the option "Two-step authentication".

  1. Now we will have to choose what type of authentication we want, let's choose "Authentication Application", is also the one recommended by Instagram.

  1. When we press to activate it , Google Authenticator will open automatically and will add Instagram as a secure login application.
  2. Now you will have to copy the 6-digit code into the Instagram app and the two-step authentication option will be turned on for added security.

You should know that when you activate it, a series of master codes appears, these codes never change and to log in you must always open the authenticator app to do so, i.e. you need the mobile phone turned on, but if you don't have it or you don't have it, you will be able enter any of the master codes that have been provided to you.

  1. Download Google Authenticator for Android
  1. Download Google Authenticator for iOS

Tips to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked

Although using 2-step authentication is one of the best forms of protection, since we need the mobile phone to do it and it is something we always carry with us, we don't always have it or it is inevitable that it can hack us because it's not up to us, but yes We can tell you a series of tips to strengthen your security on social networks and even more so on Instagram:

  1. Change your password every month: yes, it's a boring option, but it's one of the most recommended, changing our password for social networks means that the machines working to crack the passwords will never be able to do it.
  2. Sign out of devices that aren't yours: it seems obvious, but it is not, many users enjoy the internet outside the home or with a friend or relative's mobile and this means that when you log into your account on another mobile when it returns forgetting to log out and this can cause many problems , so always sign out on other devices.
  3. Use two emails: Instagram is one of the best tools today for companies making the leap to social networking, but one of the biggest mistakes is using the same email to create the account and share it with your contacts. For this reason, it will be better that the account email is known only to you.
  4. Do not use mods and other third party apps: there are as many Instagram mods as there are WhatsApp mods, applications with which we get more functions than the basic ones that the app brings, but which are an excellent gateway for hackers.
  5. Do not open emails that ask for your login credentials: you should never open such an email, as no one will ever ask you for your login credentials via email or phone.
  6. Beware of phishing reports or violations of rights on social networks: there are many phishing attempts on social networks, so we advise you to always read us to be aware of all the news and news.

My Instagram account has been hacked, what should I do?

If even so, with all the security measures you have been able to take, your account has been hacked, the next step will be to try to recover it, there are two options that allow us to recover an Instagram account.

The first will be almost immediate, if we have noticed that we have been hacked very recently, because when our account is hacked they send us an email to notify us of a login and they will have also changed our password.

We will have to go to the email with which we created the Instagram account and we will have a link to revoke accesses and restore changes, we remind you that this can be done only after a few hours after the hack.

The next step will be try to recover the account by reporting the account to instagram. You will have to follow the steps that you would follow to change your password, you will have to wait to receive a link in your email and follow the steps that Instagram asks you.

I recovered my hacked Instagram account, what do I do now?

When we recover our instagram account after being hacked, the first thing we will have to do is from a computer, delete all logins from all the devices we have created and also log out of all active sessions.

After that, you should change the password to a much more secure one, keep the tips for better Internet security in mind and plan to use the method to change your password much more often.

You should also think about how this could have happened, see which computer or mobile you are logged into or remember if you have opened an email with a suspicious link, because you may have been a victim of phishing and provided your credentials without realizing it it.

These are all tips we can offer you to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked and therefore have greater security on social networks. Furthermore, all these measures can be adopted on all social networks and we advise you to activate A2F on all of them applications that allow it.

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