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In the social network Facebook, there are various options for publishing information deemed convenient, interesting or attractive in our user profiles. Well, one of these viable alternatives is its own that of posting a personal video on our Facebook account to account for a fact that attracts their attention or of another nature worthy of being published and disseminated.

Some time ago, I wrote an article for users who were taking their first steps on Facebook on how to upload photos to their user profile and this time it's time to explain how to upload that or those videos to their Facebook account. Facebook and therefore, share in this format a little happiness, indignation or a singular fact appreciated or of public interest, I hope the following tutorial will be very useful to you.

Post a video on my Facebook | Step 1

The first thing you should do is enter the official Facebook site and then here, enter your email address and the respective password and then click on the button Log in which will take you to your Facebook user account.

Put a video on my Facebook | step 2

Once logged into Facebook, they must necessarily access their user profile by clicking on their name in the top bar.

Then, in your profile you will need to click on the section Gallery.

Put a video on my Facebook | Step 3

In Photos section of your Facebook you will have to click on the button that says Add video.

Put a video on my Facebook | Step 4

With the previous action, a central window will open where you are told that to add a video you will have to click on the button Select file.

With that previous click, the window will open file upload where you are asked for the video on your desktop computer, select it with a mouse click (left button) and then click the button apri to upload the chosen video to publish it on your Facebook.

Once or before performing the above operation, it is necessary (if required or warranted) fill in the form that is shown in the windowi.e. insert a Title, a Technical Information of the video and a Location where that video was made.

Next, it is necessary and important to select with whom you want to share that particular video on Facebook (Public, Friends, Only me, Custom) and for this you must click the draw button with your mouse.

Finally, when you have uploaded the video and written if the module justifies it and configured who you want to share said video with, you will have to click on the button Public.

With this action, the video will start loading and then a page will open where the video in question is shown and below it, a series of tools to configure or modify some things that may necessarily be useful to add for that video. better understood.

Along with the above, Facebook will notify you in a message above that that video has been successfully posted to your profile and you can view it.

This is the process of uploading a video to your Facebook account and remember, edit who you want to share the video with so that if it's not public, it doesn't go beyond the circles you strictly want and in any case, the videos you upload must not be controversial or violate Facebook's community rules. That's it, good luck.

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