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It's possible play music from Instagram Stories directly on Spotify, with just a couple of clicks, and now we will explain how to do it. It's simple, but it doesn't work on all music in Stories, only if they were created from the Spotify mobile app.

That is, if the origin of the songs is the "Music" sticker of the Instagram Stories we will not be able to play them directly on Spotify, we will have to memorize the title and search for it manually.

If instead "Play on Spotify" appears under the user's name, we just have to press to open it in the Android and iPhone app. Whether this option appears depends on the person who originally uploaded the Story, not the viewer.

This example clarifies the two possibilities:

Stories usually use the «Music» sticker (which actually uses the Spotify library) because it can be added to your photos, videos or texts. In addition, the sticker has different versions, which show the album cover or song lyrics.

If we create them from Spotify it's easier to play the music, but they must show the album cover in a fixed format, without including photos or videos made by us. Yes, they can be enriched with text, GIFs, emojis and other interactive elements from Stories.

Open music in stories created by Spotify

If we find stories that were created by Spotify, it is very easy to open the mobile application to play songs instantly. These are the steps.

  1. In the upper left part of the Stories, click on the writing «Play on Spotify», if it does not appear it will not be possible to open the app from Instagram:

  1. Next we will touch «Apri Spotify» to play music in the application or, if not installed, in the web version of Spotify:

  1. Stay alone to press the «play» button so that Instagram music plays on Spotify:

How to Generate Instagram Stories Using Spotify

If we want other people to know about the music we like, that would be a good idea post it to Stories for easy playback on Spotify. We just have to look for the song we want to upload to Spotify itself and follow these steps:

  1. From the Spotify player window we touch the share icon, alternatively in the three-dot menu next to each song title there is a «Share» option:

  1. A menu opens in the lower area, we will press the instagram icon and the social network app will open automatically:

  1. We can add text, filters, stickers or GIFs to Stories, we just have to keep the album cover (it is possible to change its position or size), so we have to click on "Send to" to load it:

  1. We have the possibility to send Stories via private Instagram Direct messages or to the best friends list, although the more normal thing will be to choose «Share» in «Your Story» so that all our followers can listen to the music:

What about the music from the Stories sticker?

Unfortunately, if a song is uploaded via the sticker «Music», the only way to play the entire track with the streaming app is type its title into the Spotify search engine.

If we don't see the title well, it is possible to touch it under the profile name, in this way a window will open with the name of the song and its author, and Instagram will not jump to the next Stories until we close this window.

It is also convenient to identify songs that we do not know using apps, from the historic Shazam to Apple's Siri assistants, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

In summary, it's very easy play songs from Instagram Stories if they were created by Spotify, while those added via the «Music» sticker require manual search.

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