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Sometimes, when we use a social network to meet people, we have more than one inconvenience or problem in interacting or relating to other users, making us go from curiosity to anguish when faced with a situation of rejection or indifference that we don't fully understand why it happens.

Luckily, on the Badoo social network there is a quite playful and attractive resource called » Matches » which allows you to somehow flirt with other users with a greater safety margin and which can be a valid alternative or incentive to contact other users and so on. go out and see what happens.

Dating Badoo | What's it about

Encounters is a free resource or tool on Badoo that allows all users to give and receive » hearts » as a sign of interest or » crosses » as a sign of disinterest , simply using the photos that each user has on their profile and then the people who play can decide between these options and when 2 people attract each other, the so-called arises Mutual attraction, which allows you to start a conversation and get to know that person more confidently.

An important aspect when it comes to having relative success with this tool to meet people and flirt on Badoo is undoubtedly having photos in the user profile that can really attract the interest of other users, that is, where you can go out more beautiful and attractive since, this game is something purely visual and on the other hand, when playing it, it is recommended not to be someone so demanding and to click on the hearts of other users to have more possibilities for interaction and in a positive way to interact with others members of this social network.

Use Badoo Meetups | Step 1

To use this resource, you need to enter your personal Badoo account and then click on the option that says right, Matches, located in the options bar on the left (yes, I'm on a desktop computer).

Use Badoo Meetups | Step 2

Well, now you will be on the Dating page on Badoo and you will see the name, age and, of course, the main photo of a random user who meets the search pattern and taste you configured in your profile (align age).

Well, to play Dating you have 2 options:

  • The heart icon: if they click on this button, it is a sign that they have liked or been interested in that user and they will have to wait for that user to play Dating and the like are reciprocal, that is, that you have been interested or appreciated if it is that that person is not did before you.
  • The cross-shaped icon: a click on this symbol means that they somehow didn't like that user or, they weren't curious and literally decided to ignore that person and see other profiles that might attract their attention.

By the way, if you are undecided or want to make a safer decision with one or more Badoo users, you can effectively review the other photos that user has (if he has more) by clicking on the » button < »» > » signs and thus you will be able to have greater decision-making capacity, whether you like it or not.

It should be noted that mutual attractions between you and one or more other people will be recorded in the option that says » He likes me » you can click there and then another click on the tab that says » attractions » to see them, enter the profiles and, of course, chat that this is what it is about.

What is the use of playing Dating on Badoo?

This resource called Badoo Encounters allows communication with other people who may be really interested or attracted after a mutual attraction has been generated and thus it is possible to avoid the rejection or indifference that may exist when starting a conversation in Badoo chat with another user without using this service.

Encounters is instead an interesting resource for all those people who do not have many written and social skills or experience a certain shyness that can obscure the interaction because, with the sign of mutual attraction, they can feel safer and more secure.

Lastly, dating can be a success for some users who require that little step to openly communicate with other members and where initially there was mutual attraction and interest as a basis, good luck.

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