How to pin or pin chats, groups and channels to the top of Telegram

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Telegram functionality

The Telegram application has many tricks, such as the cloud of your storage, which allows for constant data synchronization, allowing sharing of 2GB files.

Now, to function normally, Telegram has need 100MB of space on the device on which the application is installed. Don't worry about the space that all your multimedia files might need because, this data is stored by Telegram in its cloud; you just need to clear the application cache.

On the other hand, the security and privacy that Telegram offers is one of its main objectives, as it focuses on protecting the private conversations of its employees. It works because they do not use our personal data to show ads, as they only save the data needed to function.

Another feature that attracts more users is; being able to prevent people from always seeing you online, they may only see you if you chat in a group or read a message. This is possible when you set up your own "last time" and you don't share it with anyone, if you don't do what we mentioned before, they will never be able to see you online.

In addition, Telegram offers an unrivaled service to be able to delete any messages you have sent and even delete the ones sent to you for both users. Similarly, another thing you can do is completely delete a chat for both people without leaving a trace of the conversation.

Like other messaging applications, Telegram also offers the possibility of be able to pin chats, groups or channels at the top of the screen and now we will explain how to do it.

How can I add chats, groups and channels to the top of the screen?

We explain this because many people who they have many chats or are in groups find it boring to have to go down to find the most used chats faster.

Doing this is a fairly simple process on any device where you have activated your account; The first thing you need to do is enter the Telegram application. So when you have your entire main list of contacts, locate the contact, group, or channel that you want to add at the beginning.

To continue with the process, press and hold the contact and options will appear at the top of Telegram, including an icon such as a pushpin. Once this is done, you immediately see that the contact appears first in the chats; but remember that you can only block 5 contacts.

How to set up messages within a chat on Telegram?

The option for "Correct messages" is in a chat with a person, as well as in a group and channels, which allows you to leave permanent important messages in the chat. When you want to pin one or more messages you just have to press the message you want to highlight, so to speak, and a window with options will appear.

In that same small window, which will appear at the bottom of the screen, you will have several options and among them the "fix" with a tack icon will appear. After hitting that option, you will be able to see how the message appears at the top of the chat below contact information.

When you block the messages you want to highlight and the window with the pinned message in the chat pops up, you can press it and it will take you quickly where si find that message in the chat.

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