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One of the options you therefore have, to open an account in a certain social network is undoubtedly, and at the time you wish, to be able to close or delete that account according to the reasons you deem appropriate. This action can be somewhat confusing or difficult to perform since it is something that is usually done once and, of course, the procedure for deleting a user profile that you have and want is unknown whether you remove it or not.

Well, this difficulty also occurs on Twitter and it is absolutely normal that people look for support or a step-by-step guide, in order not to make mistakes and to help them in the process of permanent or temporary deletion of a Twitter account, depending on what they want. or please them. That is why we share with interested parties the following tutorial on how to delete your twitter profile without getting lost or making a mistake and we hope it will be very useful for them.

Delete Twitter Account | optional tip

An optional suggestion that can be made, before proceeding to cancel a Twitter account or any other user profile of a specific social network and which I do personally, is to cancel the photographic and video content in which you exit and also, from family and from me do it to keep calm that there is not something personal left out there, roaming on a social network or the Internet and especially, in the event that for some strange reason, the deletion of the account has not been carried out.

Having said this initial option, I will detail the procedure for unsubscribing from your Twitter account.

Delete Twitter Account | Step 1

First you have to enter your Twitter account with the respective access data and then, you will click on » Profile and settings » located at the top right (your profile picture icon).

With the previous click, a window will appear with several options and you will have to click on the option again » Configuration ".

Delete Twitter Account | Step 2

On the new page that has opened, you have to scroll down with your mouse or sidebar and click where it says » Deactivate my account «.

Delete Twitter Account | Step 3

With the previous action, a new page will open where they ask: is this goodbye? Are you sure you don't want to reconsider? and was it something we said? And below, a series of points that have to do with deleting a Twitter account that it is advisable to read to know what this process consists of.

Now if you are sure you want to delete your Twitter account, you will have to click on the button that says » Deactivate your username «.

Delete Twitter Account | Step 4

A window will open where you will be asked to enter your Twitter password in the box located there and after that click on the button » Deactivate account «.

Note no. 1 | If you don't remember your password, you'll need to click where it says Did you forget your password? and follow the procedure that they indicate to you and that is certain, is to create a new Twitter password and then you can close your Twitter account or, if you wish, read this tutorial which explains how to create a new password. It's worth noting that there's no way to delete a Twitter account without a password.

Delete Twitter Account | Step #5

Finally, a message of type will appear where they indicate that your account is deactivated and will be deleted within 30 days and only, within this period, you have the possibility to recover that Twitter account by simply logging in with the respective data of your account..

By the way, a message from Twitter will arrive in your email informing you that you have successfully deleted your Twitter account and that surely, if you wish, you can recover it within 30 days by following the link they indicate.

Note no. 2 | It should be mentioned that a Twitter account is permanently deleted after the 30 day period. That is to say, from the moment a user cancels his Twitter account, there is a period of 30 consecutive days in which all activity of that account is saved and then, after that date expires, it is permanently deleted, that twitter account and everything done with it. Finally, there is no option or way to close that Twitter account, before the stipulated time (30 days).

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