How to password protect access to the Instagram app

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How to password protect access to the Instagram app?

IG works from a username and password. To access the app you need to know these parameters. You can even set up two-step verification for Instagram. In this way, when you try to enter the app, you will first have to enter a code that the platform will send to the associated mobile phone. We would therefore be in the presence of a double password at the time of access.

While these security measures are good, they can be useless if a friend or family member has access to the mobile device, as he can log into the app whenever he wants. However, you can turn to third-party apps to protect your account from intruders. In this post we will recommend the two most popular apps that will help you keep Instagram safe and secure from intruders.

App block

It is an app designed to lock apps with a password on your Android device. With AppLock you can block Instagram, preventing third parties from viewing the content of your account. Using this app will help you prevent access to any application on your device if it is lost or stolen.

This application is easy to use and contains 9 locking functions. For example, you can request one password, pattern or fingerprint every time you log into Instagram. When multiple unsuccessful attempts to unlock the app occur, App Lock captures a photo of the intruder. This will allow you to see who has been snooping on your phone.

Norton App Lock

With this app you can establish a pattern, a four-digit PIN or an alphanumeric password to protect the Instagram app. Therefore, only you will have access to your account without the fear of other people seeing your social network.

Con Norton App Lok you can block other applications, such as email, calendar, camera, contacts, documents, among others. One of the benefits of this app is that it tells you which apps on your device are the most vulnerable and recommends that you block them to protect their content. It should be noted that this same company has released an application aimed at caring for children while they browse the Internet. In this way, parents can control what their children see on the web, track their location and even block adult pages on their children's mobile.

These are the 2 most recommended apps to prevent other people from accessing your Instagram app without your permission. Keep in mind that these apps can block any application on your mobile which can definitely help you protect your privacy.

Tips for securing access to the Instagram app

  • Crea strong Password. After a while, try changing your current account password to a new one. To create secure keys, we recommend using numbers, letters and signs.
  • Enable two-step verification.
  • Don't accept people you don't know on your account.
  • Don't open suspicious or unknown notifications.
  • Block access to the Instagram application, using apps that allow you to secure your Instagram application (AppLock and Norton App Lock).

  • Keep your account private, this will prevent anyone on the Internet from seeing your publications.
  • Never reveal yours Password.
  • Block suspicious followers.
  • If you use your Instagram account on a device you don't use regularly, remember to log out after using it.
  • Install Instagram and other applications from it official stores, come Google Play e App Store.

Your Instagram account is private and personal, as you may have confidential information (photos, videos or advertisements) for strangers; Avoid falling victim to unscrupulous people by implementing these tips.

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