How to move or control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad?

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One of the most useful tools for Windows users is the mouse or mouse. With this device we can access different elements and use the system interface in a comfortable way. If you ask yourself how to move and control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad? This article is for you.

How to move and control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad?

Windows 10 has a native feature that supports the use of the mouse. Thanks to the options presented by accessibility center, you can manage and control the mouse pointer from the numeric keypad to avoid difficulties when the mouse has malfunctions or has deteriorated.

Next, we present all the information you should know about the mouse pointer and a method to manage this tool from the numeric keypad.

What is the mouse pointer?

The mouse pointer is an identifier that allows you to locate items on your computer, select them, access applications, and activate operating system functions. This tool is activated immediately when the user connects the "mouse" device to the computer.

In fact, it is customizable and it is possible to change the mouse pointer and put the audio in Windows 10 to your liking, by changing other options of this functionality in the system.

What is the mouse?

Il mouse is a peripheral device that must be kept connected to the computer wirelessly or via USB. You can perform multiple mouse actions such as accessing program functions, browsing files, closing windows, and navigating between them with a key combination.

What is the mouse for?

The mouse or the mouse comes used to perform various actions in the operating system based on the movement of a cursor or pointer at the user's convenience.

All this is done through mouse movements, but to be aware of its capabilities, it is convenient to know the DPI sensitivity of your mouse, because through Windows and the mouse functions, this can be configured.

To move or control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad

Sometimes the mouse doesn't respond to movements we make on a physical surface, so an effective and workable alternative is needed. In this circumstance, the numeric keypad can help us solve this problem.

This action is also useful if you have motor problems, in turn, we recommend that you change the color of the mouse cursor, so that you can see it more easily, if it is difficult for you to do so.

Control the mouse pointer with the numeric keypad

Windows 10 has a feature of accessibility called Mouse Keys which allows you to move the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad. To activate this feature, you have to go to the start menu and select the "Control Panel". Then select «Accessibility» and «Accessibility Center».

When you enter the accessibility center you have to choose the option «Ease of use of the mouse». There you will find the section "Control the mouse with the keyboard." Then choose "Enable Mouse Keys" and finally click "Apply Changes".

Configure the mouse buttons

You can manage the keys of mouse making a series of adjustments to define the keyboard shortcut, speed up the pointer, set the speed and control of the numeric keypad when the key is pressed Bloc Num.

Verify that the numeric keypad is working

After making the necessary settings, you can check if the pointer is working correctly pressing the number buttons. For example, if you press keys 2 and 8, the pointer will move vertically, while keys 4 and 6 will allow the cursor to move horizontally.

How to move the mouse pointer with the numeric keypad

If you activate the mouse with the numeric keypad, you can move the pointer left with key 4 and right with key 6. With key 2 you will move the pointer down, while key 8 will move it up. Finally, the 1, 3, 7 and 9 keys will move the pointer diagonally.

With the above guide you can activate this feature in case you don't have a mouse or can't use it, no doubt it's something you should know. At the same time, keep in mind that if, on the other hand, you have problems with the keyboard, you can also very easily activate the virtual keyboard on the PC screen.

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