How to mirror, skew, resize and position objects with Corel DRAW

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The distribution of the elements that make up a drawing is one of the most important aspects for the creator user. Therefore, it is essential to know how reflect, skew, resize and position correctly inserted objects. Corel Draw will also allow you to perform other tasks such as editing, resizing, rotating and arranging objects.

Although many people find it easier to do it manually, that is, with the computer mouse, this does not give it accuracy.

Therefore, in order for each object to have the correct positioning, each program has the task of add these functions to its editors.

For new Corel DRAW users, there is a very easy way to access and use these tools properly.

Basic definition of the program

Clearly being a computer-only product, Corel DRAW is known as an application of the Corel company created for graphic vector design.

This means that each of its functions uses mathematical formulas to create each of the changes made within its content.

In addition to carrying out the necessary transformations for the objects placed inside the sheet, it also takes care of satisfying multiple needs of the designer, such as layout, design and publication of the contents created.

For users who use a computer based on the Windows operating system, the requirements for using this program include the following:

  • It uses a version of the system that is Windows 7 or later, 32 or 64 bit and with updates to each of its functions.
  • The program recommends that your computer have a compatible video card OpenCL 1.2.
  • Have at least 4 GB of internal memory available for installations and content updates.
  • On the other hand, it also requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM to function optimally.
  • The computer or laptop must have a DVD drive and a mouse, graphics tablet, or multi-touch screen.

Among the latest essential requirements, require an internet connection with at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 in order to download the installation contents and the updates that the program will require in the future.


How will you be able to reflect, skew, resize and position objects within this program?

A feature and advantage of Corel DRAW is the ease of access to each of the tools available to the designer who uses it.

In this way, to access the section that makes this type of change, simply click on the option » items »Located at the top of the screen.

When the menu is displayed, you can position the cursor on the word » Transformations »And there you will find the list of changes you can apply to your items.

Options include » Location «,» Wheel «,» Resize and mirror «,» Dimension " And " Inclination ". Here you just have to press one of them to open the menu on the right side of the screen.

Once that's done, you'll still have options at the top of the menu to reflect, skew, scale, and position the object being edited.

For each of the available changes in the panel to be enabled, it is necessary first select the object and then vary the values ​​there.

Each available option is adapted to the type of exchange you want to apply to the object, however most are present throughout.

Among these is the arrangement of the object with respect to the axes, shown on the panel as " X " And " Y »Together with a bar for entering numerical values.

It also allows the selection of the positioning which can be relative or anchored to the position of the object, accompanied at the bottom by a series of boxes that help to specify the movement to be acquired.

To finish

Finally, it also allows you to place the number of copies you want to add of the same object. To generate each change simply click on the button » Apply »And you can use Corel DRAW to change the arrangement of your objects.

Corel Draw is the perfect tool for image editing, as it will allow you to create an image from scratch or edit all the details of a previous image, which can range from simple tasks such as cropping, splitting or deleting unwanted parts of an image; rotate and duplicate images up to more complex tasks like applying bitmap image filters

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