How to merge two channels or images using the Calculations option in Corel Photo Paint

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Merging images in Corel Photo-Paint can be very simple if you use the calculation option that the program includes by default.

Knowing all the tools and possibilities available in this editor is almost impossible, but there are some that are very important to know.

What is the calculation mode for?

This is an option available at the top of the belt, inside the tab » Image «, And it will be the last item displayed.

That allows you to combine two files or images, through the use of some blending modes. Result in a new file.

Among the main features that will be obtained, it will be a single layer of object, where the two images will remain united.

Perhaps before proceeding to work two images it will be useful to know how to change the resolution, the paper size and duplicate an image or how to cut images from a mask.

Preparation to effectively merge images in Corel Photo-Paint

To begin with, you will need to have the two images open to work. So that they can appear in the list that will allow their selection.

It is convenient that both elements are identical in size, as this prevents any of them from being stretched or undergoing any change. On the other hand, the working limit is two images at a time.

Steps to follow to merge images in Corel Photo-Paint

Let's now click on " Calculation " in the section " Image »In the menu, this will open the corresponding tab.

Then they are selected " Origin 1 " And " Origin 2 «, Which are nothing other than the order that the representations will have.

By clicking on the option » Preview «, You will get a preview of the result that will be obtained if you apply the blending.


The preferences you want the final file to have and all relevant changes are applied.

To save the already merged image, you simply need to determine the destination folder and the name it will have.

Then, the button is pressed " OK «, So that you can view the new file resulting from merging images in Corel Photo-Paint.

Customization options for blending

Among the choices to be applied to customize the merged image, you will find below each " Origin Or element the possibility to choose the predominant channel.

To do this, first you will have to deactivate, via a ticked box, the mode " Use channels «, And then you can choose a different channel for each image.

That could be a red, green, blue, gray channel or a mask. If any changes are made, you can take a look with the button » Preview «.

In addition to this, you can decide between the " Metodi »Of fusion to be used. Which come with infinite possibilities, in fact, quite extensive.

Of those that highlight the screen, overlay, exclude, texturing or to divide them. In addition to normal, with soft or strong light, lighten the color and many more.

In addition to this, and under the mentioned list, there will be an icon of small arrows specialized in raising the " Opacity " of the product.

In addition to an expandable menu, where you can choose if you want " stretch »Or» cut »The image, in case of differences between one element and another.


If you choose " Stretches «, The smaller image will perform this option to reach the smaller one.

If, on the other hand, it is reported in " Cutting ", he cutting it will be made to maintain the specifications of the smallest item.

The image can be enlarged to better appreciate the effect that is being applied, this through the button or the icon of the magnifying glass.

Finally, although you can generate a new file, the changes you make can also save and replace some of the files you have worked with.

By clicking on » OK «, It will open what has been obtained, ie the sample that you can join the images in Corel Photo-Paint.

If you have managed to merge two images and have your final result ready, it will surely be useful to know how to apply color and silhouette transformation effects to an image or if you want more advanced effects you can posterize, invert colors, threshold or decentralize; Using these effects you will get a unique and original final work.

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