How to merge multiple PDFs into one online for free with no programs

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The PDF format it is widely used today, but not all people have programs installed on their computers to create or modify them; That is why there are web pages that offer various services related to this format.

There are pages with which you can edit PDF documents with the free online tool iLovePDF; also convert a WordPad file to PDF for free online, or even let you translate a PDF file from English to Spanish for free online. The truth is that thanks to the versatility of this type of document, we have many tools on the internet.

On this occasion, we will show you what you need to do for merge multiple PDF documents into one file. To achieve this, it will not be necessary to install programs, as everything will be done online and completely free.

How to merge multiple PDFs into one online

One of the ways we can do this is with a plugin that belongs to Google Chrome ; To get this plugin, you need to open a browser page and type "Chrome web store".

Choose the first link that the browser shows you. Once inside, a search engine opens to the left; There we will write "PDF Mergy", in the button that says free premilo, then hit Add and that's it.

Once this plugin is added, you just need to open it and it will give you two options for merge PDF into one, the first option is to drag and drop as many PDF files as you want or click the first blue button that says Insert file from my computer; when they are together just click on save, choose the path where you want to save them and give them a name.

Tools to merge multiple PDFs into one without the need for programs

There are pages dedicated to this, one of them is; This site shows a blue button at the beginning, to search for and load them directly from your computer. You can also just drag and drop the documents PDF you want on the page, then save them to the path you want. This is another free tool that allows you to merge several PDF documents online, it works very easily, and not only; This platform will also help you convert or edit these files, and if you have any problems, it has online technical support that can help you.

For lovers of PDF documents, the third recommendation is,, the service they provide is free; And while it has some boring ads, the web does its job very well.

Not only can you merge multiple documents into one; but you can also compress them, split them, convert them to another format, among other things.

The last recommendation we offer you is, the creator of this page detailed how to use each designed tool; It is very good and easy to use, its features are the same as in the previous pages and you don't need any program to use it.

The advantages of merge our PDF documents in one they are many, for example, if you are in your final work, which is divided by chapters, intro, index, reports and more, and you have the files separately.

You just have to join them all in an orderly fashion; so you can carry it anywhere or email it neatly in a single PDF document.

With these tips you can make your job and organize it in the best possible way. You avoid the hassle of having to install additional programs, which carry adware or viruses on your computer, which waste time and sometimes even money.

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