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If you have converted two Facebook profiles into a Fan Page after following the steps to do so, merging them will be the best option.

Since two or more can confuse your online audience as to whether your page is about hotels or places to stay. can join two Facebook pages to clear up your confusion. The same method will work if you want to merge Facebook business pages.

In this article, I'll cover all the steps required to merge Facebook pages into one and avoid confusing potential customers.

Merge two Facebook fan pages

Whether it's for business or any other purpose, it's a worthwhile option. Regardless of the look, you can add a game or business button and even change the page category.

To merge 2 fan pages on Facebook, you have to perform the following steps and thus obtain a splendid result:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the Facebook site and enter your details in case you have not logged in previously.
  • Now you have to enter the following address in the search engine of your favorite browser, so that it takes you directly to the option " ".
  • In this part, you have to choose the two pages you want to merge, and that's it.

According to Facebook, if you are an admin of both pages, you can merge them. This option is only available for pages that they represent the same thing and they have similar names.

If your pages have physical location addresses, it's important to make sure the addresses are the same.


If you don't see the option for merge your pages, it means your pages can't be merged, so you won't be able to get the job done.

If the option to request merging of your pages appears, your request will be reviewed by the responsible department at Facebook.

Who needs to merge two Facebook pages?

Here are some of the many scenarios that the companies a want to merge 2 Facebook fan pages into one.

  • You have lost administrator rights on your page Facebook, you created a new page and then regained administrator rights on the old page.
  • You created your Facebook profile with your business name a long time ago. So you have created a Facebook profile with your name. Then you created a Facebook page because all the cool kids did it.
    You now have two profiles (and one page), which is contrary to terms of service of Facebook. So you turned your first business profile into one page, with the result that you now have two pages.
  • You've had several employees who for the sake of their hearts have created a Facebook page for you. You now have many pages.
  • Your page was not listed as " local ", Even if it's a local page, getting people to try to register on your workplace / Facebook page, creating a" new »Place page or place pages ..

Things to do before merging two Facebook pages

Preparation is very important here, as the blending process itself is rather self-explanatory.


But you can get stuck in the process on various problems that can be solved in a very simple way.

  • Find out how many pages » luoghi »Were (inadvertently) created for your business. Do this by doing a search on Facebook.
  • Rename one of the pages with the same name as the other if possible. For the merger to be approved by Facebook, the names must be as similar as possible.
  • Once the two pages are similar, have a similar name and have administrator rights on both, the actual merge can begin!
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