How to measure the speed or loading time of my website or blog

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When we touch the placement point On-Page SEO, we are talking about the factor that Google takes into consideration to position content in a better position in its search engine. And this is what we basically look for with a speed test, apart from the different data it would provide us so that we can substantially improve the experience of our visitors.

But there is an ideal loading time, so that our page can have a better position in the Google search engine. Believe it or not, there are countless studies that reference this topic. But it was concluded that the best time, or what experts call optimal, would be less than 3 seconds

But as time went by Google realized that in a world where people live at such a fast pace, waiting 3 seconds would be an eternity. And that is why the time has been reduced to 2,2 seconds and it tends to be shortened more. And in order not to be left behind, we will tell you how to measure the speed or loading time of my website or blog.

How to measure the speed or loading time of my website or blog

You may not believe it, but having a very fast loading time increases the views of yours website and produces a higher level of satisfaction in the users who have made the visit. There is a percentage very close to 50% of users who leave the page when they have exceeded the load in more than 3 seconds.

We've already helped you create your Weebly page or blog through tutorials so you don't have any problems with it. And now to complete that article, we'll help you measure the loading speed or time of your website or blog. To find out if it respects the speed necessary to have a better positioning and acceptance of users.

To the relief of the users, there are many great tools that will allow you to measure the loading time. These tools will also offer you a diagnosis of possible problems and show you how to optimize them. And best of all, you can buy it for free.

Several Apps that will help you measure the loading speed of my page

We will start with what is perhaps the best known and most used by users in the world and is none other than Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. With it you can insert the Link of any page and then it will analyze all its content and show you suggestions like this:

  • You need to correct: by indicating in red the improvements you need to apply, so that you can have a better loading time.
  • Consider correcting: here the indication will be in yellow, but it will not generate any variation with respect to the speed.
  • Approved in… here will show you in green those points that are considered positive on your page.

Another that is widely used and is considered the best, to evaluate the time of your shitty page and also identify that it should be improved. It is known among digital marketers as GTmetrix.

This tool offers you a very detailed comparison of the results obtained with the results of other pages, which compete in the same line.

As we have already told you, there are others, but these will offer you the loading speed without major complications. And in this way we finish this tutorial which will teach you how to measure the speed or loading time of my webpage or blog.

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