How to make video calls in Telegram quickly and easily

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After a long wait, now it's possible make video calls on Telegram in 2022 through the mobile and desktop version. In this The Power Of The Green Android tutorial we will teach you how to make video conferencing through this social network explained step by step and with an original explanatory video from YouTube.

Can you make video calls on Telegram?

Yes, indeed it is one of the most awaited features by the users of this platform. It is currently possible video conferencing via Telegram da Android, iOS e Desktop.

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How to make video calls on Telegram 2022 step by step 2022

start a video conference from Telegram, the first thing we have to do is enter a chat conversation with the person we want to start the video call with.

Once inside, we will look at the 3 vertical dots above the conversation window, we select it.

Start a video call with Telegram 2022

If you followed the previous step, a small menu will appear with the following options:

  • Call.
  • Video call.
  • To seek.
  • Empty chat.
  • Notification.
  • Delete chat.

Of all the options, the only one that interests us is «Video call», we select it.

And voila, you just have to wait for the other person to pick you up via video conference.

Is it possible to make group video calls on Telegram?

No, the platform currently only supports video conference between 2 people with end-to-end encryption. But in the future they will be included.

And in this simple way you can make video conferences from this social network. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to respond as soon as possible. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks, it would help me a lot to keep developing more content like this… Thanks!

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