How to make stickers on WhatsApp with your face

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The integration of stickers in WhatsApp it was done a long time ago, but today we're going to teach you how to make or create your own stickers with your own face, if you read right we will create stickers with our face.

There are many applications with which we can create stickers for WhatsApp, but today we will only see one, called Sticker Maker, available for Android and iOS, a very easy to use app.

Your face on a sticker

Next, we will show you how create a complete pack of stickers for whatsapp in way to blow your friends' minds when you reply to them with your face in the form of a sticker.

  1. The first step will be to download the sticker maker app, you will have the download link below.
  2. When opening the app, a button will appear where we can create our first sticker pack.

  1. Next we will have to choose a name for the package and the name of the author of the sticker.

  1. The next step is to choose the icon of the sticker, we have two options we can choose any photo or choose the text, in our case we have chosen the text, so our sticker pack will be called «Faces».

  1. Then we will have to click on the first empty space for the stickers and a drop-down menu will appear in which we will choose «Take a picture» and we will take a picture of ourselves.

  1. Now the first step in creating our sticker will be to cut the edge of our face.

  1. The Sticker Maker app has an intelligent crop function that works really well, so that if we press we can see how our face or the one we have in the foreground of the photo is almost perfectly cropped.
  2. Once the photo has been cropped, we have the possibility of adding the mythical border that makes it look like a sticker, since we have the possibility to change the thickness and color of the border.

  1. We will do this as many times as we want because we have up to 30 slots available for our sticker pack.
  2. Once finished we will have to add the package to WhatsApp so we will only have to click on the «Add to WhatsApp» button in case we have added a new sticker, «Add changes to WhatsApp» will appear.

  1. The last step will be to go to WhatsApp to start seeing our pack of stickers with our faces and thus surprise our contacts with them.

The packs are fully customizable, that is, we can only create 1 sticker and add it to WhatsApp, but if we want to add more faces, we will only have to select said pack and add more stickers.

  1. Download Sticker Maker for Android
  1. Download Sticker Maker for iOS

You've already seen how easy it is create a pack of stickers with our face for whatsapp, so now you can do it and have fun with your friends in conversations.

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