How to make slow motion videos with Instagram Boomerang

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Instagram ITA is an application that has reached many new users in recent times, either Instagram ITA personal that Instagram for business, this social network has become extremely important in the daily life of users.

Well, to very easily capture what they are experiencing in their life, from an outing to a relaxing time at your home, it is fun and engaging to see how you get. filters that react with music and video modes that you can add to your videos, thus being more interactive among users, with polls and inserting text on your videos.

Boomerang is a video style invented from this social networks which has become very popular and which users adopt as well as slow motion and fast motion which have become a hot dish in many videos that we see today in Instagram stories.

Filters and theirs video effects are the most popular of this social network and the reason why users continue to choose it to return to Instagram today in the number 1 social network in the world.

How to boomerang in slow motion on Instagram step by step?

  1. First we have to download Instagram on our mobile device and then when we start the application we can perform this action.
  2. Upon entering, we will go to the section of Photos  that appears at the top of the application and there we can choose the effect we need for the video you will make.
  3. You will see that when you enter the camera and you will be able to change the mode under the camera where the option appears "Normal" at the beginning and there when you switch to the mode "Boomerang" you will be able to play the video by holding down the round white button that is observed in the middle of the screen.
  4. At the end of the video we will see that the boomerang is created, a swing in the image that we have recorded and in the upper part we will see that it will allow us to choose the options on the boomerang that we have made previously.
  5. In an infinity icon we can click and access the extra modes inside the boomerang, there we find different effects: Slow motion, Echo (motion sickness), TV (with interference in the picture). You can select Slow motion and thus you will create the combined effect of both.
  6. When you select the one you want to keep, you need to click on the «Done» button.
  7. There you can share this video in your stories or Instagram feed, you can also download it to your mobile device.
  8. This way you will be able to create effects Boomerang combined with other fun Instagram effects, it is a modification that we can enjoy from mid-2019 but many users are just discovering it.

Situations to consider:

  • This procedure can be performed on both Android and iOS without problems, in both operating systems we can find the application  with the same actions.
  • Remember that you can put videos together without having to post them in your story or feed, you can put the videos together and download them to your device to share them later.

With this step by step you will be able to make videos with Boomerang effects and Slow Motion combined like a pro, remember you can add text, music and filters to your own video if you want, share them or simply save it on your mobile device to send it via other social networks or publish it at a later time.

If you still don't like Instagram, please download it to yours phone and start discovering this new world, which continues to set trends together with TikTok. If this article has resolved the doubt on how to make a video with boomerang and slow motion at the same time, we invite you to continue watching the practical guides on Instagram inside

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