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Facebook is one of the most appropriate means of communication to contact others and learn about, among other things, some little things that always spread and swarm quickly through this social network. Now and without a doubt, to use this service is necessary create a Facebook account to enter and contact other people, friends and family as well as to gossip a little and join groups and pages of everyone's taste. Well, today in Practical Resources we want to teach how to log in to facebook correctly, from how to access Facebook to how to access Facebook itself.

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How to login to Facebook | Step 1: Login to Facebook

Once you have a Facebook account you can then use it whenever you want and whenever you feel like it and for this you must know very well that you have at least a couple of ways to access or enter Facebook whenever you want. and which of course I will describe (choose, the one you like or host the most).

  • Enter Facebook with the search engine: it is certainly the most used option to enter Facebook and basically consists in opening the browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and going to the search engine (Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex not to mention Google first ) and write in the search box the name that identifies this social network and that is Facebook then click on “ Submit » or “Search” so that in this way the results are loaded and now comes the important, they have to click on the official result of this page and for this they will set the URL which should be something like and also, to be in the first result with it, they will be able to enter the official Facebook home correctly.

  • Enter Facebook with URL: another option to enter the official Facebook page is to write the Facebook URL correctly and complete it in the address bar of the browser you use which is, among other things, then, they click “ Log in »Or“ Plan your trip » and with this you will be able to load the Facebook page and you will be able to enter faster and more directly.

Well, these are the 2 most traditional ways to access the cover or the official home of the Facebook social network and thus not be mistaken and enter other places. By the way, if you use your mobile you can download the Facebook App and with one click, on the Facebook icon that appears next to all the services that are displayed on your mobile screen, you can then access and start a session, something which by the way, I explain below on how to log into Facebook step by step.

How to login to Facebook | Step by step

Once on the official Facebook cover or on the home page, then, he explains the procedure on how to access facebook without problems or, without inconvenience… Well, in the upper right part of the Facebook cover you will find two fields or boxes that you must fill in correctly therefore, log in to Facebook and that they are, the following:

  • Step 1

In the first box they will have to write correctly or completely the e-mail account with which they registered on Facebook or, if they wish, they have the option of entering the telephone number they have associated with their Facebook account and in the box If they have not associated any number, they will choose to enter the email.

Note no. 1 | Remember to enter the email completely and without forgetting anything, for example:

  • Step 2

In the second box they must enter the password, key or password that they created for their Facebook account in the registration process.

Note no. 2 | Remember to distinguish very well between uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and other signs or characters that may have your password, so that you can access Facebook without problems.

  • 3 pass

Once the fields or boxes have been filled in with the requested information, i.e. the email or telephone number and password, they will proceed to click on the button that says «Log in» and located in the upper right and next to the right of the password locker.

Note no. 3 | If they can't remember any login information, they can click the text that appears below the box where the password was entered that says Forgot your account details? And follow the instructions that indicate, more information …>>

Well, if things went well, your Facebook Timeline page will load and you will be able to see from here, all the contents that your friends have uploaded to Facebook as well as the published information of the different groups or pages they follow or have joined and, without a doubt, they will be able to share the content that you deem convenient (status, publications, photos or videos) with their friends.

When they finish using their Facebook account, they must proceed to close the session and to do this, just click on the triangle icon that you will find in the upper right part so that a menu appears and here they will click again on the option «Logout«, which will then allow you to properly close your Facebook session.

Finally, that's all the above procedure How to access Facebook correctly and without inconvenience or misunderstandings that unfortunately generate a little irritation and confusion in some users who have problems when trying to log in and access Facebook.

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