How to lock WhatsApp Web with a password

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WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world, which is why we have many of our most private or intimate conversations through this app, in order to somehow protect ourselves so that no one can see them, we can block the app from them or in this case we will lock WhatsApp Web with a password so that no one can read our conversations.

We've already told you how you can lock WhatsApp with a fingerprint or password, but in this section, we'll take it a step further and tell you how can you lock whatsapp web with a password so that no one can access your conversations from your computer.

WhatsApp Web does not natively have a function to be able to block it, unlike the WhatsApp app for Android or iOS which has this feature. To be able to block WhatsApp Web with a password , we will have to use a Google Chrome extension which will allow us to get advanced features for WhatsApp Web.

In the following article you will also see how to change your password that you add to WhatsApp Web in case you think someone has discovered it or because you prefer to use another password with greater security and thus protect your conversations.

So you can prevent anyone from reading your WhatsApp web conversations

We told you earlier that to block WhatsApp Web we would have to use a Chrome extension, well that extension is «WA Web Plus» which we have used earlier in some other article on our website, such as a trick with which activate reactions on WhatsApp Web. To lock WhatsApp Web with a password you will need to follow these steps:

  1. The first step will be install WA Web Plus in Google Chrome and enable the extension, for this we will click on the link below.

Web: WA Web Plus for WhatsApp Web

  1. Next you will need to click on the extension icon to be able to open WhatsApp Web with the advanced functions of the extension.

  1. WhatsApp Web will open automatically and now you will have to click on the extension icon again to access the WA Web Plus menu.

  1. Among all the options you will have to click on the one that says «Enable lock screen [Set password]».

  1. When you activate this option, the extension will remind you that you need a password, so you will have to click on «Set password» and enter the password you want to access WhatsApp Web with.

  1. Once we add our password, to apply the changes we will have to open WhatsApp Web again and see how it asks us for the password every time we open a tab in Chrome.

  1. You may want to delete the password or change it, well the process is similar but you will have to access the WA Web Plus extension menu again, you should know that you have to remember the password you had at the beginning to be able to access the menu again.
  2. Once you enter the extensions menu you will need to click on «Set password» again and in this way you will be able to write the new password as it appears in the image.

This is the way you need to be able to lock WhatsApp Web with a password and keep the curious away from your most private conversations. It's a method that only works with browsers that support this extension, so you'll need to carefully check the extension's compatibility with the browsers you use on your computer.

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