How to live from PC with Twitch without delays with free Streamlabs

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As in the case of Twitch, platform that some players use to publish their videos on the net. Where a large number of users will see said content. Being a community basically of people who devote much of their time to the enjoyment of video games.

Therefore, if you want to start a career where you want to become popular and show the world your skill and creativity by developing games. This platform should be among your first options, and therefore you need to know how to use its tools, such as direct ones.

What is Twitch?

Hence, Twitch is one platform whose main purpose is the streaming service video in direct, which is currently owned by Amazon, which is why you can link and unlink your Amazon Prime account with Twitch. This platform was designed with a exclusive approach to video games, therefore inside there are no videos with themes other than this.

On average, the platform has a high rate of user visits, where it achieved the figure of 43 million observers per month, a goal not easy to achieve in 2013. Where it was finally acquired by Amazon owners for 2014 for the sum of $ 970 million.

The best events streamed on Twitch

Twitch has been the emissary of several major events in the world of video games, starting with rankings of poker. Since then, several major tournaments have been broadcast across the platform, virtually and live, where discipline experts such as Jaime Staples have appeared.

We can also see the broadcasting of matches on football leagues like the MX championship, which is an association formed for FIFA 20 players. And where only the first division teams of Mexican football are allowed. Being one of the most recent events to appear on the platform.

What is Streamlabs?

You should know that the Twitch created trend has collectively incentivized various users to improve live streaming. One of the main cases is streamlabs, a service under development for the improvement and programming of open source formats for streaming processes.

The show works in a similar way to many other streaming shows, but with some aspects that really make a difference. As well as the easy access to Twitch and other social networks, the automatic Tweet every time a live broadcast is made and among other options.

How to make a live stream from your PC with Twitch without lag and with Streamlabs for free?

First we need to enter the page and download the software. Then we log in with our Twitch account (username and password). Therefore, we accept the authorization request from the page and the main program screen will open.

So, we have to search the theme options and select the one that looks best. This is very important, as it is our cover letter addressed to viewers.

So, with the theme already selected, let's go back to the interface main and click on the little green box in the lower right corner, which says "Send live" And that's it. The program will automatically take care of streaming directly to Twitch.

Streamlabs is really a program with good tools, including advanced settings for audio and video output and reception. The selection of topics with reference to the categories of games and among other options. It's great to work for free and without delays. And remember that you can put music on your Twitch streams.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. You managed to make a live stream from your PC with Twitch without lag and with Streamlabs for free, following each of the steps above? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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