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Telegram is one of the most used messaging applications under WhatsApp, but while it doesn't have absolute reign, surely many of your contacts have a Telegram account, so today we're going to teach you how know who of your contacts uses Telegram.

When we add a contact to our mobile, it automatically appears on WhatsApp, but what happens on Telegram? Can you see it too? The answer depends on how did you set up Telegram when you first downloaded it.

Contacts sync

One of the key options that we must have activated in our Telegram application is the contact synchronization, since this allows us to synchronize the contacts we have in our mobile's agenda with the Telegram app and those who have an account will appear in the Telegram list.

To activate contact synchronization and therefore be able to see the contacts who have Telegram, you must follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Telegram.
  2. Now click on 3 lines located at the top left to access the Telegram menu.

  1. Now click on "Settings".

  1. Find and tap the option "Privacy and security".

  1. Once inside we will have to activate the option "Synchronize contacts".

Right now , a sync of your mobile contacts will be performed with the Telegram application and then you will know who uses Telegram. In case you have already activated this option, we recommend that you delete the synced contacts and sync again.

  1. To remove synced contacts on the "Privacy & security" screen, tap » Remove Synced Contacts».

  1. Now activate the sync box and you will only have the contacts you have on your mobile.

Now that we know how we can see who of our contacts use Telegram, you can start any conversation with them or create a group or channel and add them.

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