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It's possible know who has entered our Instagram account, but not which particular person, but who is logged into our profile besides us and therefore you can have control over which devices have indicated a session in your profile other than yours.

This way you can keep track who was able to get into instagram a without your knowledge, even if you really have your account configured correctly, every time an unknown device tries or accesses your profile, you will receive an alert indicating that circumstance.

The data you can know is the approximate area with the country, the date it was made and the operating system from which the session was started. This way, you can get an idea of ​​which device and which person may have accessed your account without your permission.

From the Instagram app

To know this information and be sure who can access your Instagram profile, proceed as follows if you intend to consult it from the mobile application:

  1. Go to Instagram and log in with your login information if you recently logged out.
  2. In case you have Instagram for iOS, click on your profile picture icon and then on the menu with the three horizontal stripes, where you now have to click on the «settings» option.

  1. Then, go to «security» and then «login activity».

  1. There you can see the currently active session, i.e. the one from which you logged in (the inscription «active now» appears), when that session was started and also indicate the area with the country and an approximate location on a map, since therefore you will be able deduce whether it was you or not.

It should just appear an active session, i.e. from the one you are entering now on Instagram, if you access on other devices with another Instagram account they will also appear there, but if you detect that there are sessions from other countries and that you do not recognize in any way, you can close them immediately by clicking on them and selecting “exit”.

From the Instagram site

As you know, Instagram can be accessed from a computer by accessing the web. Although the web version has some limitations, in this sense you can also know the login activity to know who has logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram website, click on your profile picture and enter "settings". Now you go to the «login activity» option.
  2. Inside you will be able to see all the sessions started, with the approximate zones and the time they occurred, anyone who seems suspicious to you can close it.

What to do if someone hacked into your Instagram

If you have detected that there is indeed an unrecognized session, it is that someone has entered your profile and the first thing faster is close the session as we have indicated in the previous paragraph, but then you have to make another drastic decision, that of change your Instagram password.

That someone has broken into yours Instagram it means that he knows your data, including the password, and this is the one you need to change to a stronger and longer one, it must contain a minimum of 8 characters and where uppercase, lowercase, numbers and even symbols are combined..

It doesn't matter that it's complicated and hard to find out, it's better to have it written in a place that only you know and you have to put it whenever it's simple and easy to find out, and also for hacks, but that's not the point, because there are other decisions you can make.

You must turn on Instagram two-step authentication, which gives your Instagram account a additional level of security since, when you log into any device with your account, an additional code will be requested which comes via SMS, which makes it more complicated for authorized persons to log in since they would need to have access to your mobile to see the SMS.

It is good check from time to time who was able to get into your Instagram account if you notice any suspicious activity, then it is best to close all those sessions, change the password as soon as possible and take measures to prevent it from happening again.

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