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Instagram is a social network that is constantly innovating, adding new services and functions for its millions of users who already use it. One of the aspects that caused the most sensation when it was updated was to include the well-known Instagram stories or Instagram stories.

These 24 hour posts have been in this app for a few years but if you have any questions about how they work. Next, we will solve all your questions, if you continue reading you will know  how to know who viewed your instagram stories.

Can you tell who sees your Instagram Stories?

The most common way to find out who sees yours  stories on instagram  is to access the upper left part of the home page. If you have published a story on Instagram in the last 24 hours, a pink circle will appear around your profile photo, the circle may be gray if you have already entered your publication at some time to check that everything has uploaded correctly.

Here you can clearly see who has seen your publications if you click on the eye-like icon, there will open a drop-down menu where you can see the number of views and the name of the users who have seen it.

How to know the order of views of your Instagram Stories?

It is possible that you have gone crazy analyzing the people who have seen your profile and magically observe that in a few seconds your views have doubled, or that the first person who has seen your publication always appears at the top as if it were the last.

Instagram's algorithm doesn't sort them chronologically  users who have seen your story on Instagram  or by the number of times that person was able to view your story. Their system for ordering it is based on your interactions with other followers.

These interactions can come from liking a photo, commenting on one of their posts, or seeing their stories on a recurring basis. the person you interacted with the most will appear at the top.

How to Know Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlight Stories 2022

Featured stories are a perfect way to archive your favorite stories, it has a very similar function to that of an album. You find them under the information in your profile bio and they are not temporary, they offer the same information as a normal Instagram story but they do not disappear in 24 hours. Users can view them whenever they want.

in  highlighted stories  you will not be able to see the views by clicking on the eye icon, before it was seen, but with the latest updates they have eliminated it.

The only way to see views of your featured stories is to search for the first 24 hours after the story was published, as you would conventionally.

This can make you tempted to gossip about someone else's featured stories, thinking they won't notice. The truth is, just as you won't be able to see who has viewed your Stories beyond 24 hours, neither will the other person. Although everything has its pitfall and there is an application that will let you know who has seen your featured stories beyond the first 24 hours.

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What is the app to see who sees your featured stories on Instagram 2022?

There is nothing that annoys users of this social network more than gossip, Instagram is full of them. There is an option in Instagram to be able to  block stories  and explanations to a person, to which it will already appear that you have not posted anything.

In the case of Instagram stories, we can highlight the conventional stories and the  "best friends" stories, within the latter you can select a group of people closest to you or with whom you have the most trust and you can publish whatever you want. The problem with these posts is that you won't be able to save them within that folder, but the featured stories are visible to anyone who visits your profile.

Application to see who sees your featured Instagram Stories

To solve this problem and be able to know who is gossiping on your profile more than the account, you can use any of the applications available in the Play Store to connect your Instagram account  and will offer you a series of information that you will not be able to know within the statistics of this social network.

InStalker is one of the most famous Instagram analysis applications of the moment, its success is due to the infinite number of functions it offers. With this application you will be able to know basic aspects such as who follows you and who has not followed you. It also has advanced options that allow you to meet those people who have started following your friends on this social network, you can find out who blocked you or who you follow and do not follow you.

This application has advanced options that will allow you to know which people see your profile and stories, even if they are featured stories. You will have at your fingertips total monitoring of all the statistics and analysis of visits and interactions on your account.

InStalker allows you to view other people's stories anonymously and know the name of those users who have removed likes or comments from your posts.

This application will send you a notification when someone is viewing one of yours  featured stories, you can also configure it to send you notifications with other actions.

Applications of this type are perfect if you've noticed some strange activity in your account or have a follower gossiping more than necessary. You need to keep your feet on the ground and not abuse InStalker and other similar applications that give you certain information about the activity of other users.

If you have any questions, remember that you can always leave us a comment and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks. Thanks a lot for everything!

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