How to know who doesn't follow you on Instagram and who does: simple guide!

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Instagram is a very popular social network in recent times. Featuring short videos, short descriptions and constant posts from its users, they have piqued people's interest. The number of followers on this social network is considered important and that is why today we bring you this post in which we will tell you how to know who doesn't follow you on instagram.

It is believed that many of the Instagram users no longer use the social network Facebook, however there are many who have synchronized both accounts and remain active in both. Both Instagram and Facebook platforms use the same tracking system. This might have a little to do with it because they share the same owner; however, the more subscribers you have on your Instagram account, the more popular you should be.

There are two types of profiles on this network: the first is characterized by being free and allows any user to follow you, see, share and save your posts. The second works on demand; that is, the user who wants to access your account and see your content only if you approve his request.

How to know who doesn't follow you on Instagram and who does

Given the types of profiles that exist, they help to more or less control the confidentiality of the publications. Therefore, if your Instagram account is private, you will know who is following you in real time. You can use this social network on different devices. The difference of the application is very small and works on both smartphones and computers.

1- From your phone

The smartphone version is the more used of the two. So if you want to know who your followers are; Next we will give you the steps to follow:

1- Open the Instagram application.

2- Next to the » Heart » located in the lower right corner, you will notice that there is a thumbnail of your profile image, click on it.

3- Already within the profile, positioned in the upper part near your profile picture, you will be able to observe three fundamental data: the number of your publications, the number of followers (they are the people who follow you) and the number of followers ( are the people you follow). Click on " followers«.

4- You will get a list, which will be sorted from newest to oldest follower. All your followers are there, the list will also show you a thumbnail profile picture of each of them and this way you can see who doesn't follow you on Instagram and who does.

Within the options that we offer you in this post; we offer you the possibility to go to any profile you want, remove it from the list and even continue. It also has the search engine that you can use very easily, you just have to write the name of the user you want to search in the list of your followers.

To change the privacy settings of your account, public or private, do the following:

1- Enter your profile as explained above.

2- Position yourself in the menu, which is located in the upper right and there are «three horizontal lines», when you click on it, you will see the option « Configuration» found at the end.

3- Click on « Settings«.

4- Within the configuration option, you will find another set of options, you will see a padlock, click on it, as it is the privacy option.

5- Already in the privacy of the account you have the possibility to activate the " Private account " mode. If the account is already private, the slider will be blue.

2- From your computer

The web version of Instagram is similar to the one on phones, so if you want to know who doesn't follow you on this social network, you can guide yourself with these instructions:

1- Log into your Instagram account through its website

2- The design of this website is adaptable, adjusting its buttons and fields according to the size of your computer window. To make the explanation as simple as possible, your window size needs to be the maximum.

3- The upper panel has three symbols, including: the compass, the heart and the human shape; click on the last option.

4- After clicking you will automatically enter the profile page, where the public data is displayed. This includes the number of followers you have on your account.

5- If you want to know who exactly are the people who follow you, click on the number of followers.

6- A window with the list will appear, in it there are people who follow you on your Instagram account.

Just like in the mobile version, you have the option to follow him if that's what you want, too you can also access the person's profile. However, if you are trying to block a particular user, you need to access their profile. Unlike the mobile version, the web version doesn't have a search engine; then you have to scroll through the list until you find the person you are looking for.

Tricks that help you increase the number of followers on Instagram

Being one of the most popular and used social networks, the number of followers is important, as it reflects your level of popularity on the network. If you want to increase your popularity and increase the number of followers, it is important to keep in mind some rules that allow you to increase the number of followers. They are among them:

1- Connect your Instagram profile to other social media platforms.

This social network offers you the possibility of associating your profile with other networks; Among them are: Facebook and Twitter. By associating them, you can convince people who follow you on these social networks to follow you on Instagram as well.

To connect your profile to other social networks you must go to «Settings» select «Accounts» choose «Linked accounts» and start connecting it with the networks of your choice.

2- Usa il tag hashtag (#).

Using the hashtags (#) tag is very useful when you want to reach more users. However, you have to be careful with its use. Use it whenever they are related to your content and using them excessively is not good.

3- Use your account constantly.

Staying active is important for gaining followers, as your users will see recent content on the network and this can be important for those who follow you. No matter how interesting your content is, if you only reply to comments once a week and post the same, your followers won't feel as important to you.

4- What to consider when publishing.

Analyze your profile well and look at the time of day when you have the most traffic from followers. So you will be able to choose the right moment to make your publications.

5- Think of a message that interests your followers.

It is important to create publications that attract the attention of your followers, for this you have to study them, see what characterizes them and know what they expect from you. This way you will have good content to offer them.

6- Share and communicate with your followers.

With the Integram Stories tool, you have the opportunity to establish a special bond with your followers, making each of them appreciate you more every day. Use mini polls, ask questions and create activities that allow you to establish communication with your followers and learn more about them.

Interact with other Instagram accounts; Believe it or not, it's one way that helps you increase the number of followers in your account:

  • Perform an analysis of the results and statistics that Instagram has to offer you.
  • Using this data you will get an idea of ​​what your followers like and dislike so much, so you can plan and organize the content you publish.
  • There are several apps that allow you to plan your content in advance and even post it on different social networks at the same time.
  • Then take into consideration the quality of the images and content you want to share.

We hope you've learned who unfollows you on Instagram and who does. Instagram is mainly characterized by offering visual information; which means that the quality of the content, photos, videos and aesthetics must be good.

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