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For some time some people who use Facebook have seen the number of friends they had at a certain point in this social network change or reduce, thus generating a bit of regret and affliction, questioning even the banal concept of friendship, but also provoking concern or natural intrigue to know what happened? and why did it happen? Well, in Practical Resources we want to share a solution guide that answers in some way, one of the questions that some who have gone through this unfortunate situation are talking about and that is, How do I know who deleted me from Facebook? We hope this helps you.

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How to know who deleted me from Facebook | First clarifications

Firstly, it should be clarified that when you reduce the number of friends you can have on Facebook, it does not necessarily mean that they have been removed from Facebook itself, but rather it can be due to various other causes which needs to be clarified so that, not setting off alarm bells and feeling regret about something you think you did that caused this action.

Well, a person can see the number of friends on Facebook reduced when someone who is among his contacts has decided for some personal reason to «block them«, which also, if he is excluded from his contacts, indicates that he cannot be contacted on Facebook. Which is certainly a step beyond removing someone from Facebook and can be partially confirmed, when you search for that person on Facebook and get a page that says: «Sorry; This page is unavailable» which means that the user blocked you or deactivated your account.

Another situation that can lead to fewer friends is that one or some of your friends have decided to close or delete your Facebook account temporarily or permanently and with this you can reduce the number of friends or contacts with Facebook.

Finally, a good way to find out who deleted or blocked them is to look for that or those users, enter their profiles and if the button appears «Friends«, it means they are still friends and if it appears «add to friends«, therefore means whoever deleted or blocked them. By the way, and besides, if you are looking for friends, this guide will help you with this.

How to know who deleted me from Facebook | Manual solution no. 1

Certainly, the first solution or trick that one can apply to know definitively, who deleted me from facebook? it's quite simple and simply consists of keeping a manual check of the number of friends you have and also having the details of who those friends are so that, when the number of friends decreases, you can quickly review and determine who removes them from Facebook or, if that user took another action (deleted their account) that reduced the number of friends they have on Facebook. Instructions: they should, for example, open a text or Word document and go to their Facebook profile and with it open the friends window, write down the number of friends they have and the respective names of each of them in this text file and they will keep it.

Note no. 1 | Now, this basic solution can be done of course, when the number of Facebook friendships is limited, but however, when the number of Facebook friendships is larger or very numerous, it can take much longer to do and be something more difficult to define manually.

How to know who deleted me from Facebook | Application solution no. 2

Fortunately, there are some online resources or applications that allow you to «know who deleted me from facebook» in a much faster and simpler way than the one described above, offering you all the information you are looking for. Below, I detail these online services.

  • Who deleted me from Face: there is an application on Google Play called « Who deleted me from Face» which allows you to quickly know the list of friends you have had on Facebook and in addition, filtering with the alleged friendships that we have removed or blocked on Facebook in a crude but reliable way, which is what matters.
  • Who unsubscribed me for facebook: another application that allows you to clearly know who deleted me from Facebook is precisely Who deletes me for Facebook and which is - like the previous one - totally free. To use this application, it will be necessary to give the respective authorization with the username and password of the account so that the application can track everything and offer them the information about who deleted them from Facebook and who unfortunately blocked them.
  • Find out who unsubscribed you: another solution or option that you can use when wondering how to know who deleted me from facebook? is the application » Find out who unsubscribed you » and to use it, all you have to do is enter Facebook with your access data (email or telephone and password) and then, you must write in the search box at the top « find out who deleted you» and with it this application in question will appear and they will activate it, they will have to follow the steps indicated and with it they will have the list of people who have removed them from their Facebook friends, that simple.

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