How to know who blocked you on Twitter

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Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world, which is why hundreds of users use it daily to carry out all kinds of communication, or even to keep up to date with the people they follow, but there is always One question that every user has ever asked himself is know who blocked them on Twitter.

Unfortunately we find many toxic users on Twitter, as in many social networks, but to keep them at bay there is a function that is in almost all of them, we talk about block said users.

There are times when this is the other way around and we are concerned that some user we suspect may have blocked us, but we have no way of knowing, unless we do what we tell you next, and then find out who has blocked us on Twitter.

To see who blocked us on Twitter, the only way we have is to look up the name of the person we suspect has blocked us, so we will have to write his username in the search box.

When we are logged in, we will realize that we cannot see anything from that person, Tweets, images or videos, just as we can imagine that by not seeing anything from their feed, something strange is going on. A message like the one below will appear.

You'll do this check for all users you think you have blocked on Twitter, you can do it from both a computer and a mobile phone so you can do it anywhere.

There is currently no website or service that allows us to know the people who have blocked you on Twitter, so we only have the ability to search for them manually.

We also don't know if Twitter in the future will delight us with such a function and knowing if someone has recently blocked us, since it would be a great function to know that kind of thing via some notification.

As you have seen, knowing who blocked us on Twitter cannot be done automatically, so we will have to use the method we told you about in the article.

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