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How to know where they are calling you from and who they are

The first thing you should be clear about is what they are and how you can avoid spam emails. If you don't know, feel free to find out more so you can quickly identify and protect yourself from these unpleasant events.

But spam is not only received through email (although it is always useful to know how to block contacts and emails in Gmail to avoid spam). Calls from unknown and annoying numbers multiplied every day.

In case it is a local number in your country, there is no problem answering or even calling back. But if the call has extensions that you are not aware of, it is likely to be a paid call by the recipient, which often leaves missed calls for the recipient to call back and you will be charged additional fees.

Currently there are various services and web pages that allow us to know the exact location of the number that is calling us. These platforms work through tracking numbers, which allow us to know the identity of who is calling us even if we have not added them to our contacts.

They have a very large database and display all data for free. Through these online portals you can identify calls simply by inserting the phone that does not stop bothering you, in this way you will be able to know who and where they are calling you.

Google mobile app to know where they are calling you

You may not need to visit a web page if you are lucky enough to have a compatible mobile with the Google Phone app. Google has an extensive database that contains the phone numbers of other users that have been marked as spam, so that if they call you, the app will warn you whether or not it is a malicious source.

You have to keep in mind that, if you encounter an error while logging into your Google account from your mobile, you need to fix it so that this option will be useful to you.

How to know where I am called from with Truecaller

If you don't have a compatible mobile phone with the phone app, Truecaller it's an excellent option. This application has been storing phone numbers for years, and has millions of users around the world who use it to identify the famous and annoying Spam calls.

It is also a platform constantly updated, due to frequent user contributions. This will be very useful for knowing who is calling you from a hidden number.

who knows

This application allows us to quickly identify unknown calls to avoid it spam, as well as calls made by a robot or telemarketing platforms.

A peculiarity of this application is that, once the telephone number has been registered, you have the option to block it to avoid receiving calls from that number in the future. Other than that, it works without the internet, so you can use it anytime.


This particular page will be really useful for you to know if the number from which you are called is reliable or not. This website works through an interactive scoring system, which allows users to rate any number. The best thing about this platform is that it is available for Latin America in more than 40 countries.

It also has an application that lets you know the results in real time. Its use is really simple, all you have to do is insert the telephone number in the search box. Next, the page will show you the rating of that number, which is classified as a negative rating, a neutral rating, and a positive rating.

Spam Lists

This website is used by thousands of users as it is known to have blocked numerous scams. In Spam Lists you don't need to register, you just have to enter the number that called you and it will show you the original source.

It is available throughout Latin America and also shows a list of different spam numbers reported by people. Also, you have

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